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Fan Club creation and delegates

How to create an Official Fan Club

If you are not a Fan Club member but you want to set up a new club, we can help make the process easier for you.

In order to register your Fan Club with the International Fan Club Federation, you must contact the delegate responsible for your area. This is an essential requirement to make your Fan Club official. The delegates, whose contact details are shown below, will facilitate the creation of new incorporations.

To register an Official Fan Club, the following steps must be taken:

  • Create a list of members with an elected Board of Directors and a President.
  • Draft a set of statutes for the Fan Club.
  • The said statutes must be registered with the Official Registry of Associations in the appropriate Autonomous Community. (In the case of the Basque Autonomous Community, the Basque Government will request authorisation from Athletic Club. Therefore, in advance, you must provide us with the name and identification number of the president, as well as the Fan Club’s official name)
  • Gain admission to the Athletic Fan Club Federation zone to which your Fan Club will belong.
  • Elect a person responsible for the management of tickets, so that they may be included in Athletic Club’s Supporters Registry
  • Send all the documentation to this address: Estadio San Mamés, Oficina de Atención al Socio (junto a la puerta 20), Paseo Rafael Moreno Pitxitxi, s/n, 48013 Bilbao.
International Delegates

José Antonio Lekube Etxebarria +34 656 732 357 – [email protected]

North Regional Delegates

Asier Zarate
[email protected]

Aitor Pereira
692 730 228

Northwest Regional Delegates

Enrique Ramos +34 636 946 400 – [email protected]
Koldo Montenegro +34 656 707 231 – [email protected]

Central Regional Delegates

Jara Barreras 675 717 343 – [email protected]
Jon Goitia 699 802 171 –  [email protected]

Mediterranean Regional Delegates

Paco Alfaro Díaz +34 690 018 371 – [email protected]
Jacinto Espinosa +34 675 524 485 – [email protected]

Southeast Regional Delegates

María Jesús López +34 605 034 317 – [email protected]
Emilio Ferreras +34 636 445 191 – [email protected]

South Regional Delegates

Francisco Mañas +34 647 460 201 – [email protected]
Juan Martín +34 658 954 082 – [email protected]

Southwest Regional Delegates

Javier Ponciano +34 629 434 943 – [email protected]
Gerardo Flores +34 678 952 123 – [email protected]

Northeast Regional Delegates

Gerardo Redondo +34 686 265 037 – [email protected]
Rafael Rivas +34 678 418 021 – [email protected]