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CD Basconia

Basconia was founded in 1913 and plays its home matches at Artunduaga stadium. The clubÂ’s current president is Juan Ignacio Azurmendi and the club has approximately 700 members. It is one of the most historical football clubs in Biscay and has a record of 6 seasons in the Second Division, 8 seasons in the Second B Division and has won the Third Division Championship league 4 times. In June 1997 Basconia were affiliated to Athletic Club.

José Luis Mendilibar was the man in charge of Basconia in 1997-98 season and things could not have gone any better. His team ended the season as the Third Division Champions and took part in the promotion play offs. The team were victorious in the play offs but could not be promoted to a higher division because Bilbao Athletic were already playing in the Second B Division.

Mendilibar stayed on at Basconia for the 1998-99 season. However, the results of the this season were not as extraordinary as they had been in the previous campaign. The team finished the season in seventh position.

In the 1999-00 season, Patxi Rípodas took over as Basconia's coach and the team were only one point off from making the play offs. By the end of the season they were fifth in the league standings which is more than admirable. Gurpegi was the highest goal scorer of the season with a total of 15 goals.

In the 2000-01 season, José Luis Mendilibar made his return to Basconia along with José Mari Argoitia who is always by his side. After a difficult campaign the team ended up sixth in the championship standings.

In the 2001/02 season, Basconia led by Edorta Murua finished the season in seventh position. The promotion to a higher division was impossible because of the strength of the rival teams.

The 2002/03 campaign was sensational. Edorta Murua put together a team who were noble and strong in attack. Basconia had the youngest players in recent years playing for them and they were able to end the season as leaders of their Third Division group. The team were second in the play offs and Recreación from La Rioja were first.

In 2003/04 season, Basconia were led by Félix Sarriugarte but the coach from Lezama left. However, they still managed to end the season in third position which was an excellent result. Many of teamÂ’s players were summoned by Ernesto Valverde to play against Baracaldo in the Basque Copa semi-final held in Lasesarre.

In the 2004/05 season, Basconia's coach was Kike Liñero and it was a time of change. On 7 March 2005 Celestino Arizmendiarreta who had been the club's president since 1981 had passed away. The Vice-president and ArizmendiarretaÂ’s right-hand man Juan Ignacio Azurmendi took over as club president. The team ended the season in eighth place.

From Basozelai to Artunduaga. ItÂ’s time to talk about two great seasons. The last in Basozelai and the first in Artunduaga both with the same result. A well-deserved fifth placing for the youngest team in the category. Peio AgirreoaÂ’s efforts and those of his coaching squad have paid off and despite the major changes, which always arise, made to the basauritarra team the training and development of the players has gone ahead and whatÂ’s more the sports results have been great.

In its centenary season, Basconia finished twelfth on the table, overcoming a bad streak after losing 9 straight matches that brought about a not-so-good ending to that position on the table.

2013-14. Vicen Gomez repeats as head of Basconia and the results accompany the team from Basauri. With a very young squad, it maintains a regularity that allows them to finish in fourth place. The fifth place obtained by Bilbao Athletic in Second B, did not allow the team to dispute the play-off for promotion.

2014-15. Gontzal Suances takes over Vicente Gomez at the helm of Basconia. The season does not begin quite well. It’s difficult to add points. But little by little the young Basconia players are taking the pulse of the category and are saved from relegation, leaving four teams behind in the final classification.

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