Almería 0 – Athletic Club 3

Almería 0 – Athletic Club 3

Athletic Club, donning their third kit, presented the following starting line-up against UD Almería: Aranzubia,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Aug 19, 2006

Athletic Club, donning their third kit, presented the following starting line-up against UD Almería: Aranzubia, Casas, Sarriegi, Garmendia, Yeste, Gabilondo, Prieto, Iraola, Etxeberria, Murillo and Aduriz.

Waiting their turn on the bench were: Lafuente, Expósito, Amorebieta, Llorente, Urzaiz, Dañobeitia and Beñat.

This morning, a training session was held, without incidence, in which the following players took part: Dañobeitia, Llorente, Expósito, Beñat, Amorebieta, Javi Martínez and Urzaiz. Ustaritz is suffering from tonsillitis and is running a slight fever, which will prevent him from playing this match.

Playing for Almería were: Westerveld, Bruno, Uche, Cabrera, Ortiz, Bermejo, Larrea, Acasiete, Francisco, Carlos García and Mané. On the substitutes’ bench were: Valerio, Michel, Toni Velamazán, Corona, Alberto, De Palmas and Molo.

Refereeing was Caballero Herreros, from the Rioja School, assisted by Retegi Lamoya and Lamfus Bartolomé.


(2′) Centre shot by Ortiz which Etxeberria fends off.
(13′) Far-off shot by Etxeberria, deflected.
(23′) Chip over the goalie by Aduriz just over the crossbar.
(25′) Free kick by Mané which Aranzubia blocks
(33′) 0-1. Yeste’s corner shot to Prieto for the goal.


(1′) Substitution Almería: Valerio in for Westerveld.
(10′) Substitutions Almería: Corona and Alberto in for Bermejo and Acasiete.
(13′) Substitutions Athletic Club: Llorente and Dañobeitia substitute Yeste and Etxeberria on the field of play
(15′) Corner taken by Almería and Larrea’s shot is slightly deflected.
(22′) Substitutions Almería: De Palmas and Michel in for Bruno and Cabrera.
(23′) Amorebieta substitutes Prieto.
(26′) Urzaiz goes into the field substituting Aduriz.
(26′) Long ball by Ortiz but goes wide to the right of Aranzubia.
(30′) 0-2 Play by Dañobeitia down the left and Llorente scores with a header.
(33′) Substitutions: Expósito and Beñat in for Garmendia and Iraola.
(35′) Great play by Mané but he shoots high.
(35′) Substitution Almería: Molo in for Uche.
(39′) Toni Velamazán substitutes Larrea.
(43′) 0-3 Inside pass by Beñat to Dañobeitia who shoots and scores with his right.


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