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Athletic Club Philosophy, what is it


Club’s philosophy
Born in the Basque Country
Formed in the Basque Country
Arrival at Lezama
Every single one of Athletic Club's players was either born in the Basque Country or brought up here
As an institution, Athletic Club and all its supporters are characterised by a steadfast belief in a set of values which are becoming increasingly uncommon in football and 21st century sport. Athletic Club takes pride in its own and has a philosophy and way of seeing football that is unique in the world of football. This ideal is fully reflected in its policy of promoting academy players.

Athletic Club is based in Bilbao, a city situated in Biscay, a province which makes up part of the Basque Country. The club’s sporting philosophy is governed by a code which states that Athletic Club may only field players who have come through its own academy or the academies of other clubs in the Basque Country, or players who were born in the following territories which constitute the Basque Country: Biscay, Gipuzkoa, Alava, Navarre, Labourd, Soule and Lower Navarre.