Athletic Club 4 – Rayo Vallecano 0. Photos.

Athletic Club 4 – Rayo Vallecano 0. Photos.

Athletic Club presented the following eleven starting line-up against Rayo Vallecano: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M.,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Dec 10, 2006

Athletic Club presented the following eleven starting line-up against Rayo Vallecano: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Guru, Tzibi, A. Olabarrieta, Ibarra, Zuriñe, Erika and Eba. On the bench were Uriagereka, L. Zabala, I. Murua, Jessi, Zarate, Lorena and Andere.

Playing for Rayo Vallecano were, Aida, Cobos, María, Almudena, Chabe, Melisa, Marieta, Pache, Anita, Marina and Natalia. On the bench were: Alicia, Emma, Vera, Mónica and Vero.

The referee was Del Bosque, with Laviña and González Esteban as assistants.
1.000 spectators were on hand in Lezama; with representations from Supporters’ Clubs such as, La Gabarra from Lepe (Huelva) and Txetxu Gallego from El Carpio (Córdoba); as well as the Deusto, Gurpegi-Uriagereka and Eba Supporters’ Clubs.

(4′) Eli Ibarra over-crossed a ball
(11′) Pass from Eli Ibarra to Guru whose shot on goal goes wide, though barely
(12′) Centre by Guru but doesn’t find a striker.
(15′) 1-0 Erika shorts on goal, the goalie deflects and Eli Ibarra scores from about twelve metres away
(29′) Great hold by Aida to a shot on goal by Eba. Rayo has yet to draw near to Ainhoa’s goal.
(30′) Shot on goal by A. Olabarrieta just brushing the crossbar.
(35′) Again a phenomenal intervention by Aida, deflecting Eli Ibarra’s shot to corner.
(43′) With the goalie beaten, Eba’s shot smashes into the post.
(45′) Long shot by Eba, into the crossbar

Halftime. Total rojiblanco domination with many goal occasions and a Rayo that cannot approach the goal defended by Ainhoa

(46′) Substitution Rayo: Mónica for María.
(51′) 2-0. Strategic play, Guru shoots the free kick over Eli Ibarra who beats Aida with a potent shot.
(67′) Substitution Athletic: I. Murua for A. Olabarrieta.
(68′) Substitution Athletic: Lorena for Guru.
(69′) 3-0. Goal by Erika from the front of the area
(71′) Good ward-off by Aida to a shot by I. Murua
(74′) Substitution Athletic: Leire Zabala for Tzibi.
(75′) Centre by Zuriñe and Eba shoots on goal with a header, high.
(78′) Substitution Athletic: Zarate for Itziar.
(79′) Shot on goal by Eli Ibarra, out.
(80′) Eba takes advantage of a mistake by the goalie, but she crossed too wide
(86′) 4-0. Great goal by Erika, from a level shot.
(90′) Centre by Eba and header by I. Murua, but hit the crossbar.


(Photos: José Sampedro and Niko)

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