San Mames Barria: Signing and press conference

San Mames Barria: Signing and press conference

The signing by Athletic Club, Biscay’s Provincial Government and Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa of the memorandum…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Mar 6, 2007

The signing by Athletic Club, Biscay’s Provincial Government and Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa of the memorandum of association with regards to the limited company San Mames Barria S.L., took place last Tuesday, 6 March at San Mamés and, afterwards, an explanation was given about the fundamentals of the new football field’s basic project.

Those present were; Athletic Club President Ana Urquijo, José Luis Bilbao, Head of Biscay’s Provincial Government and BBK President, Xabier de Irala.

Athletic Club President, Ana Urquijo started off the press conference by stating that the purpose of this event was to ratify the commitment that exists between Athletic Club, Biscay’s Provincial Government and Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa. The commitment being to go in the right direction and in unison in relation to the objectives made by the three entities. “This agreement is a manual that will provide guidelines for the resolution of issues that may arise in the future with the aim of making the construction of the new San Mamés Stadium viable” said Urquijo.

Furthermore, an announcement was made with regards to the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, which will be held on 23 March. The San Mames Barria S.L agreement is to be ratified at the assembly meeting.

Later, Biscay’s Provincial Government Head, José Luis Bilbao, specified that the three organizations signed the memorandum as well as the association agreement in presence of the company notary prior to attending this event, and that a capital investment of 1 million euros has been made by each of them. He reminded everyone that the newly formed company is open, emphasizing the presence of Bilbao’s Town Hall, who have not signed the initial agreement but will join up later. At the same time he added that the decisions will be made unanimously, without impositions from the parties concerned.

Once the football field has been constructed, it will be used and run by Athletic Club, and the company will become, word for word ‘dormant’. Mr Bilbao also mentioned that the building project and works will be open to public tender.

Finally, ACXT-IDOM Architect, César Azkarate, described, with the aid of a video and a series of slides, the features of the new San Mamés Stadium. The visuals were used in order to show all those present the various scale models of the new stadium.

The scale model reproductions and diverse panels relating to the football field project will be on show in the Athletic Club Trophy and Exhibition Room (San Mamés) as of Thursday, 8 March.

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