Listen to the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting

Listen to the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting

On Friday, 23 March, from 19:30 hours onwards an Athletic Club Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Mar 23, 2007

On Friday, 23 March, from 19:30 hours onwards an Athletic Club Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting was held, the agenda was as follows:

1. The Board of directors’ proposal for the new football field.
2. Requests and queries.

The first speaker at the Assembly meeting was Board Secretary, Begoña Oraa, who informed everyone that at 19:30 there were 526 associate members present, which was enough for the meeting to go ahead.

Next, Athletic Club President, Ana Urquijo spoke about the history of the project, which dates back to 1997 when the idea of a new football field was first thought of, under the presidency of José María Arrate and how this agreement will transcend the Board and will continue into the future.

Then, the President gave details of the work done by the Board so far, emphasizing that all along the board were well aware that the decision to go ahead with the project should be made and authorised by the Associate members at the Assembly meeting, or else the project would get off on the wrong foot.

She mentioned the importance of the new football field to the Club and gave reasons as to the timing of the presentation, seeing that it is not possible to postpone the project because of the time constraints.

She encouraged the members to vote in favour of the project, highlighting once more that the time is right.

After that, Juan Carlos Ercoreca gave an explanation as to why now is the right moment to get a move on with the project as well as explaining why a new football field is needed: from an economic point of view, taking into account urban development, comfort y accessibility, because of the possibility of holding big sporting events, the new museum, the official shop and naturally because of the demand by the existing new members.

Further explanations were given as to how the project would be handled by the new association and the reasons behind its constitution, providing details concerning the agreement reached between the Club, the Basque Provincial Government and the BBK.
He also explained how an agreement was reached with the ACXT company who will be responsible for drawing up the Draft and the Basic Project and, then went on to explain the following steps to be taken if and when the project is approved: Financial Plan, Utilization Contract, Members Agreement and the new articles of association (if need be). Followed by the allotment of land, the public tender regarding the construction work, etc.

Taking over from Juan Carlos Ercoreca, Fede Arruti explained to all those present the features of the new football field: its capacity, its location, its structures, the building phases, as well as the time limits with regards to its construction.

Followed by the screening of the San Mamés Barria video.

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