Lagunak 0 – Athletic Club 1

Lagunak 0 – Athletic Club 1

Coach Iñigo Juaristi’s starting eleven line up for their encounter against Lagunak: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Apr 1, 2007

Coach Iñigo Juaristi’s starting eleven line up for their encounter against Lagunak: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Guru, Tzibi, I.Murua, Orueta, A.Olabarrieta, Ibarra and Eba.

On the bench: Andere, Uriagereka, L.Zabala, Jessi, Zarate, Lorena and Erika.

On behalf of Lagunak: Mariatxi, Carmen, Ainhoa, Gemma, Ohiane, Elena, Ana, Jainone, Irene, Uxue and Tiara.

On the bench: María, Maite, Sandra, Amaya, Txuki, Ainhara and Txiki.

Refereed by León Laviña, with the help of García Palazuelas and Fernández Trueba from the Cantabrian School.

The football field in a poor state due to the heavy rains.


(7′) Athletic dominates but still no goal-scoring opportunities.
(18′) The Red-Whites keep dominating but the bad state of the football field makes it
hard to play.
(29′) The field is getting muddier and muddier and is a hindrance especially to our team, who is trying the most, however, with no luck when it comes to scoring goals.
(37′) Yellow card given to Irene, for hanging on to one of our players.
(38′) Foul taken by Eli Ibarra, hits the posts and the ball ends up being a throw in.
(46′) The second half has just started. Change made by Athletic: Erika in for Guru.
(47′) Corner taken by Eli Ibarra is finished off with a header by Eba which just misses.
(48′) Yellow card given to Carmen for tackling Eli Ibarra from behind.
(54′) Tzibi fires away but just misses and the ball sails over the crossbar.
(62′) A great opportunity by Itzi who doesn’t score against Mariatxi who catches the ball.
(65′) Amaia Olabarrieta hammers the ball home but it goes over the crossbar.
(67′) Change made by Lagunak. Jaione is replaced by Ainhara.
(70′) Yellow card, Arrate Orueta
(71′) Change made by Lagunak. Tiara is substituted by Txiki
(72′) Yellow card for Tzibi
(80′) Change made by Athletic. An injured Eba is replaced by Lorena.
(93′) A great block by Ainhoa and the ball hits the post.
(93′) Change made by Athletic. Ane Zarate steps in for Eli Ibarra

(Photos: Niko)

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