Athletic Club 0 – Torrejón 0: Champions!

Athletic Club 0 – Torrejón 0: Champions!

The Athletic Club Ladies’ team has been proclaimed champions of the Superliga after drawing at…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
May 6, 2007

The Athletic Club Ladies’ team has been proclaimed champions of the Superliga after drawing at nil against Torrejón in San Mamés, and Espanyol losing before Rayo Vallecano by 3-5.

The rojiblancas have been backed by the support of over 30,000 spectators (the Main and East Grandstands were jammed packed, as were almost the North and South Preferential) and although their domination has been fruitless, the one point has been enough to achieve what is at almost no other team’s reach.

At the end of the match, in addition to the opinions of the protagonists which can be heard in this page, the president of the Ladies’ team, Juan Manuel Delgado, has indicated that ‘it’s a success for the whole Club and the magnificent fans that have supported the team in this final stretch of the championship. Today’s 30,000 spectators in San Mamés are an excellent climax, as it is difficult and commendable for a reserves team to win four of the last five tournaments. At this time I must express my gratitude for the work of coaches and players, while I’d also like to recall the work of my predecessor, Fermín Palomar, and of the rest of fellow Board members’.

Coach Iñigo Juaristi has presented the following starting eleven before Torrejón: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar (c.), Guru, Tzibi J., Orueta, A. Olabarrieta, Ibarra, Erika and Eba.
On the bench have been Andere, Uriagereka, L. Zabala, I. Murua, Jessi, Zarate and Lorena.

Playing for Torrejón were Noe, Laura, Marga, Amaya, Marta, Marti, Esther, Saray (c.), Ana Rubio, Patri Sanz and Esther Cuesta.
On the bench have been Soraya, Lucía, Raquel, Jade and Luki.

Referee: Piñeiro, assisted by Gómez and Castaño.

12:02 – Kick-off

(5′) Laura steals the ball from Erika in the last instance, just as she was ready to face off against the Torrejón goalie
(13′) Cross centre from the right, that Erika could barely reach
(14′) Wide header by Orueta, coming out of a corner
(16′) Shot by Ibarra that a defender removes from within the goal. The rebound is finished off by Guru and the visiting goalie deflects.
(23′) Wide shot by Patri Sanz.
(24′) Substitution Athletic Club: Lorena substitutes Orueta.
(35′) Erika’s goal disallowed as she fouled the visiting goalie.
(43′) Clear opportunity for Erika, but she’s distracted and can’t finish off.
(45′) Header into the crossbar by Eba

13:02 – Second half begins.

(54′) Header by Tzibi but barely misses wide
(57′) Substitution Torrejón: Lucía substitutes Patri Sanz.
(67′) Substitution Athletic Club: I. Murua substitutes Guru.
(73′) Erika dribbles into the area, cuts off and shoots. The Torrejón goalie deflects.
(80′) Free-kick taken by Tzibi but barely misses wide.
(82′) Amaya booked with yellow.
(83′) Lorena with a Chilean to the crossbar
(84′) Substitution Torrejón: Jade substitutes Esther Cuesta.
(88′) Substitution Athletic Club: L. Zabala substitutes Tzibi.
(91′) Substitution Torrejón: Luki substitutes Amaya.
(93′) Substitution Torrejón: Raquel substitutes Saray.

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