Activities in Slovenia

Activities in Slovenia

Sunday, 12 AugustAt 10:30 hours, the team held a post-match training session at the Sportni…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Aug 13, 2007

Sunday, 12 August

At 10:30 hours, the team held a post-match training session at the Sportni Park Llirij. The players that played the most minutes, had a recovery session which included some jogging and stretching exercises, and the rest, carried out a more intense training session. At 5 in the afternoon, all the teams attended the event organized by UEFA, where they enjoyed a festive atmosphere among the four teams, referees and UEFA members. The Maltese livened up the event with songs and dances. Afterwards, the team travelled to the capital to enjoy dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Monday, 13 August

The team held a training session at 10:00 hours in the Olimpia Centralnl Stadion on a rainy morning. The session took place without any mishaps and the team is prepared to compete at its maximum level.

In the afternoon, the squad took a tour through the Postojna Cave system.

Also, this afternoon Club Board members, Sandra Aurtenetxe and Carlos Campo have joined up with the Athletic expedition in Ljubljana. This Tuesday, they will be present for the match against Bardolino Verona along with Board member and Athletic Women’s team President, Juan Manuel Delgado

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