Numancia 1 – Athletic Club 3

Numancia 1 – Athletic Club 3

Athletic Club has obtained the Caja Duero Trophy after defeating Numancia by 1-3 in Soria….

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Aug 14, 2007

Athletic Club has obtained the Caja Duero Trophy after defeating Numancia by 1-3 in Soria.

Joaquín Caparrós presented the following starting line-up against Numancia: Iraizoz, Iraola, Expósito, Aitor Ocio, Prieto, Susaeta, Orbaiz, Llorente, Javi Martínez, David López and Aduriz.

On the substitutes’ bench were Raúl, Casas, Murillo, Muñoz, Etxeberria and Líbano.

Playing for Numancia were Jacobo, Juanra, Sietes, Nagore, Palacios, Del Pino, J.C. Moreno, Jaio, Bolo, Brit and Christian. Waiting for their chance on the bench were Núñez, Mario, Rafa Jordá, Beranguer, Quero, Pavón, Huete and Denis.

Referee: Llorente Carcedo.

(4′) Good run by Susaeta but his point-blank shot is warded off by Jacobo.
(13′) Shot by Del Pino just over the crossbar
(14′) 0-1 – GOOOOAAAL! David López kicks in with craftiness and Susaeta eases the ball in over the goalie’s head.
(22′) 0-2 – GOOOOAAAL! Amazing goal by David López from outside the area with the help of Aduriz
(31′) 1-2. Bolo heads in the goal from a cross by Moreno.
(39′) Foul at the edge of the area but Nagore shoots high.


(46′) Casas, Murillo, Muñoz and Etxeberria substitute Iraola, Expósito, Orbaiz and Aduriz.
(46′) Substitution Numancia: Pavón in for Christian.
(55′) Free-kick taken by Moreno and a great save by Iraizoz
(63′) 1-3 – GOOOOAAAL! Llorente heads in a cross by Casas.
(65′) Javi Martínez booked with yellow.
(71′) Substitution: Líbano in for David López.
(71′) Four substitutions for Numancia
(78′) Cross by Quero which Jordá finishes off into the crossbar.
(80′) Substitution: Huete in for Del Pino.
(83′) Substitution: Mario in for Palacios.
(87′) Murillo booked with yellow


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