Gimnàstic 0 – Athletic Club 2

Gimnàstic 0 – Athletic Club 2

Athletic Club wins the Ciutat de Tarragona Trophy Athletic Club lined-up Aranzubia (c), Casas, Ustaritz,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Aug 16, 2007

Athletic Club wins the Ciutat de Tarragona Trophy

Athletic Club lined-up Aranzubia (c), Casas, Ustaritz, Prieto, Koikili, Muñoz, Tiko, Gabilondo, Cuéllar, Dañobeitia and Ion Vélez.

On the substitutes’ bench were Raúl Fernández, Garmendia, Néstor Susaeta and Líbano.

Playing for Gimnàstic were Roberto, Campano (c), Mingo, Abel, Óscar López, Gil, Maldonado, David Sánchez, Jandro, Abraham and Tortolero.

On the bench were Juanmi, Medina, Chabaud, Arpón, Fede, Nano, Pinilla, Antonio López, Óscar Rubio, Edu Oriol and Ferrán.

Referee: Javier Estrada

Attendance: 6.432 Spectators

Iban Zubiaurre has finally been unable to travel with the team as he suffers from tonsillitis and is running a fever.
Ander Murillo suffered some discomfort to his right ankle during the warm up and Ustaritz will occupy his place in the starting line-up.


(3′) Left footed kick by Koikili but high
(5′) Clear penalty to Gabilondo but the referee doesn’t call it
(9′) Abel booked with yellow for a hard foul on Dañobeitia
(21′) Dañobeitia, alone with the goalie but his shot brushes the post
(22′) Substitution for Gimnàstic: Antonio López substitutes an injured Campano
(27′) Óscar López booked with yellow for tripping Cuéllar
(28′) GOOOOAAAL! (0-1) Gabilondo awarded a penalty which Muñoz transforms
(30′) Dañobeitia booked with yellow for misplacing the ball
(43′) Antonio López finishes high to the far post



(46′) Triple substitution for Gimnàstic: Fede, Pinilla and Óscar Rubio substitute Mingo, Jandro and Tortolero.
(58′) Koikili booked with yellow for knocking down an opponent.
(60′) Substitution en el Athletic: N. Susaeta substitutes Dañobeitia
(61′) Shot by Gabilondo which the goalie deflects to corner
(63′) N. Susaeta booked with yellow for tripping an opponent
(65′) Double substitution for Gimnàstic: Chabaud and Nano substitute Abel and Gil.
(70′) Substitution Athletic: Garmendia substitutes Tiko
(75′) Double substitution for Gimnàstic: Edu Oriol and Ferrán substitute Abraham and Maldonado
(77′) Ion Vélez booked with yellow
(79′) Medina sent off with a red for his foul on Ion Vélez
(80′) Substitution Athletic: Líbano substitutes Ion Vélez
(83′) GOOOOAAAL! (0-2) Great play by N. Susaeta who crosses to Garmendia to finish off with a header
(90′) N. Susaeta booked with second yellow and is sent off

23:05 FINAL

Photos: Aiol

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