Sporting Club 3 – Athletic Club 1

Sporting Club 3 – Athletic Club 1

Coach Iñigo Juaristi presents the following starting line-up against Sporting Huelva: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M.,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Sep 23, 2007

Coach Iñigo Juaristi presents the following starting line-up against Sporting Huelva:
Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Nekane, I. Murua, Iraia, A. Olabarrieta, Ibarra, Erika and Lorena.
On the bench are María, Leire Zabala, Ane Zarate, Eba, Basualdo, Garazi and Sandra.

Playing for Sporting de Huelva are: Cinta, Rosita, Elena Pavel, Sandra, María, Ana Angulo, Laura Rus, María Martín, Rita, Jenny and Merche.
On the bench are: Renata, Pilar, Jenni, Aroa, Constanza and Fabiana.

Referee: Romero García assisted by Pérez Marín and Oliva Palacio.

12:06 Match kicks-off. UP with ATHLETIC! GO FOR IT!

Min. 3 – Corner in favour of Sporting which is dangerously finished off but that Ainhoa magnificently saves.
Min. 15 – The match continues with no occasions for either team.
Min. 17 – Strong shot by Eli Ibarra which Cinta, the goalie, deflects to corner. The corner kick is taken with no consequences.
Min 24 – 0 -1; GOOOAAAAL by Irune! Magnificent cross by Eli Ibarra from the right which Irune, without letting it bounce, drills into the net.
Min. 27 – Free-kick taken by Eli Ibarra, shot on goal by Irune but the ball hits the post. In the 25th minute, after Athletic’s goal, Sporting player number 19, Jenny, was booked with a yellow.
Min. 32 – 1-1; Goal by Sporting de Huelva. Penalty, which only the referee sees a presumed handball by Lorena and which Ana Angulo converts.
Min 38 – Corner in favour of Sporting, finished off by Huelva but, once again Ainhoa saves from below the posts.

12:55 BREAK

13:11 Second Half begins. COME ON, AHLETIC, GO FOR THE WIN!!

Min. 48 – Yellow card for Huelva player Laura Rus
Min. 49 – Vanessa takes the free-kick and the Sporting goalie has difficulty warding off to corner.
Min. 50 – Iraia takes the corner kick, the ball rebounds and reaches Eli Ibarra who shoots to the crossbar.
Min. 53 – Substitution Athletic; Nekane leaves the field of play and in comes Maitane Basualdo.
Min. 60 – 2-1 Lack of understanding between Ainhoa and the defender which Ana Angulo takes advantage of to score the second goal for Huelva
Min. 67 – 3-1 Shot to the crossbar saved by Ainhoa but Ana Angulo takes advantage of the rebound to score her hat-trick.
Min. 71 – Double substitution Athletic. Out go Irune and Lorena who are substituted by Eba and Sandra.
Min. 72 – The referee sends off Iñigo Juaristi
Min. 74 – Eba booked with Red card
Min. 75 – Play is stopped since all the ball girls and spare balls have disappeared. There’s only one ball and it must be picked up outside of the field.
Min. 77 – Second yellow for Laura Rus
Min. 85 – Substitution Sporting. Out goes Ana Angulo and in comes Jenni
Min 88 – Yellow card for Rita
Min 89 – Yellow card for Sandra


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