Member Speakers at the Assembly

Member Speakers at the Assembly

Representative Members’ Participation Mikel UriaHe’s speaking on behalf of 6 associate members. He classifies his…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Dec 18, 2007

Representative Members’ Participation

Mikel Uria

He’s speaking on behalf of 6 associate members. He classifies his position as critic, loyal and constructive. He believes the strategic plan has a fundamental error; that it’s based on the electoral program and he thinks it should be more extensive. He also believes that the proposed measures will manage ‘to stabilize the patient’ but ‘not achieve its recovery’.
He thinks it’s fundamental to reduce costs in the first squad, terminating players who do not play and renegotiating and lowering the rest of contracts.

César García

He blames the current situation of the club on previous Boards, while members have always fulfilled and paid. He also insists on the excessive cost of the first squad.
He requests that the raise in quotas be approved.

Juan Luis Anta

He bids farewell to all associate members, as he won’t take part in other Assemblies. He disagrees with the voting process. He thinks we’ve come thus far thanks to the squandering in among other things the travelling expenses, the pre-season and the first squad.

Itziar Iriarte

She believes that Zarate has clearly explained the accounts. She asks the Board that they continue their policy of expense reduction and that they continue to trim the excessive contracts that exist in the club, like has been done with Padilla and Nuñez. She asks whether the Strategic Plan can’t be done for more than four years if the Assembly approves it.

Karmelo Alustiza

He asks that we all be more consequent in our acts. Thus, he thinks that the same increase that members are asked for (13.9%) should be deducted from the players’ salary.

Andoni Kepa Aranguren

He asks that the teams from Biscay be more appreciated.

Batxu Azkarate

He believes the current Board should clearly specify whether the previous board’s management was bad. He thinks members right now are distrustful. Also insists on the first squad “who never foot the bill”, but members definitely do.

Andoni Madariaga

He’s saddened because he thinks everyone is being unjust with a Board that’s been elected just 5 months ago, and they’ve inherited the current situation brought on by previous Boards. He believes the wrongdoing is in having dug too deep in members’ pockets.

Andoni Sanz

He disagrees with the decision of opening the voting booths at the start of the Assembly. He has difficulty believing in this project because he expected a four year financial plan and a clear explanation of the current situation of the club, which he described as “bankrupt”. He doesn’t see how it will be possible to reach the estimated publicity revenues and how a decision has not yet been made on the Athletic Brand. He thinks the players should be asked to make an effort, though he doesn’t think this will occur.

Jesús Egido

He believes that in the previous Assembly an error took place by jointly voting the acceptance of management and past accounts instead of being voted separately.

Txetxu Aurtenetxe

He doesn’t understand how the last Accounts were approved and not the Budget.

Esteban Santos

He asks the Board about the Strategic Plan.

Mikel Uria

He’d like to know whether the four year Financial Plan will be presented in an Assembly.

Txema Ondero

If it was decided to sack Núñez, he can’t understand what brought this to a vote in the Assembly. He wants to know why Padilla was compensated as an individual when he billed the club as a company. He asked about the annual cost for Mr Ochoa, Julen Guerrero…

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