Athletic Club 5 – L’Estartit 0

Athletic Club 5 – L’Estartit 0

Athletic Club presents the following starting line-up against L’Estartit: Ainhoa, Vanessa, L. Zabala, Itziar, Tzibi,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Mar 2, 2008

Athletic Club presents the following starting line-up against L’Estartit: Ainhoa, Vanessa, L. Zabala, Itziar, Tzibi, I. Murua, Iraia, Orueta, Ibarra, Zuriñe and Erika. Awaiting their turn on the bench will be María, Marta M., Nekane, Zarate, Lorena, María Padilla and Andrea.

Playing for the team from Catalonia will be Noelia, Vero, Noelia Carrillo, Saioa, Anna Serviá, Ana Renau, Georgina, Maribel, Estefanía, María and Patric. On the bench will be Esther, Rebeca, Anna Riera, Marta and Clara.

Referee: De Burgos, with Azkuenaga and Rodríguez assisting.

12:08. Match kicks-off

(2′) 1-0. GOOOAAAL! Iraia kicks in the corner and Erika scores the first goal with a header
(3′) Tzibi booked with yellow
(4′) Good shot by Saioa, but Ainhoa responds with a great block
(18′) Iraia takes the free-kick, the goalie deflects, it hits the bar but it goes out
(21′) Cross by Erika, but Irune misses the target
(22′) The visitors attempt a shot that Ainhoa blocks and the rebound goes out
(28′) Cross by Patric which Ainhoa deflects to corner
(35′) 2-0. GOOOAAAL! Awesome goal by Erika! She shot from 30 metres out right into the goalmouth
(42′) Estefanía booked with yellow for tripping an opponent

13:10. Second Half begins

(46′) Shot by Maribel but Ainhoa puts her glove in
(52′) Shot by Saioa, it goes over Ainhoa but Orueta is there save it from under the woods
(57′) Substitutions for L’Estartit: Marta and Clara in for Estefanía and María
(58′) 3-0. GOOOAAAL! Irune Murua picks up the ball, advances, the ball rebounds and she scores the third
(59′) Substitutions for Athletic: Nekane and Lorena in for I. Murua and Orueta
(63′) Substitution for L’Estartit: Anna Riera in for Ana Renau
(68′) 4-0. GOOOAAAL! Vanessa transforms a penalty conceded by a defender in the area
(72′) Substitution for Athletic: Zarate in for Leire Zabala
(73′) Ainhoa makes a great save to a shot by Maribel
(75′) 5-0. GOOOAAAL! Splendid goal from free-kick by Eli Ibarra
(76′) Substitution for L’Estartit: Rebeca in for Georgina
(80′) Last Substitution for Athletic: María Padilla in for Itziar
(85′) Maribel shot on goal but Ainhoa comes out and makes the save
(86′) Maribel tries to loop the ball over the goalie but it goes high
(87′) Double attempt by L’Estartit, the first hits the crossbar and the rebound is shot out by a visiting player


Photos: Niko

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