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Rayo 3 Athletic Club 2

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up for the match against Rayo Vallecano: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta…

Rayo 3 Athletic Club 2
Rayo 3 Athletic Club 2
Jun 1, 2008

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up for the match against Rayo Vallecano: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Tzibi, Iraia, Orueta, Ibarra, Erika, Eba and Sandra. On the bench awaiting an opportunity: María, L.Zabala, Nekane, I.Murua, Zuriñe, Lorena and A.Lanbarri.

On behalf of Rayo: Alicia, Pili, Melisa, Chabe, Natalia, Marieta, Sonia, Mari Paz, Keka, Burgos and Willy. On the bench: Irene, Nuria, Ana, Pache, Mónica, Jade and Patri.

Refereed by Marín Castro, with the aid of Calderón and Maroto. President Juan Manuel Delgado and Board member Santiago Ansareo were also present.

12:05. Kick Off. Come On Girls!

(14′) A dangerous shot at goal taken by Mari Paz finds the lateral side of the net.
(16′) Natalia’s attempted lob, Ainhoa had left the area, goes over the crossbar.
(17′) Yellow card: Marta M. for blocking a rival player.
(23′) Yellow card: Tzibi for her observations made to the referee.
(35′) 1-0. Ball to the centre of goal lands in front of Natalia who hammers the ball home.
(41′) 1-1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. A great goal by Vanesa from a foul.
(42′) Change made by Athletic: Zuriñe in for Sandra.


(46′) Change made by Rayo: Jade steps in for Mari Paz.
(47′) Iraia, alone in front of the goalie, shot at goal goes astray.
(55′) A shot at goal by Natalia is deflected to corner by Ainhoa.
(56′) Now, it’s Willy’s turn to take a shot at goal after Ainhoa’s attempt to clear the ball, but the ball goes high.
(70′) 2-1. Marieta gathers the ball up from the rebound and scores 2-1.
(71′) Double change made: L.Zabala and I.Murua in for Tzibi and Eba.
(72′) A shot at goal by Natalia hits the crossbar and Ainhoa sends the ball to corner on the rebound.
(73′) Once again, a good save by Ainhoa who sends the ball to corner.
(76′) Change made by Rayo: Nuria replaces Pili.
(80′) Change made by Athletic: Iraia leaves the field and Amaia Lambarri makes her debut.
(86′) 3-1. Sonia escapes from the defenders and beats Ainhoa.
(89′) Yellow card to Eli Ibarra for tripping up an opponent. The referee adds another 4 minutes to the game.
(90′) 3-2. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. Erika dribbles, fires away, the ball strikes a defender and finds the back of net.


Other match results:
Torrejón 2 Levante 1
At.Madrid 1 Puebla 0
Prainsa 3 Espanyol 1

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