San Mamés on loan: Press Conference

San Mamés on loan: Press Conference

Athletic Club will allow the final of the BBK’s Mundialito or Mini World Cup to…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Jul 4, 2008

Athletic Club will allow the final of the BBK’s Mundialito or Mini World Cup to be played at San Mamés, on Saturday, 5 July at 17:00 hours between the Brazilian and Bolivian National Teams. The organisers of the event gave an explanatory press conference last Friday, 4 July at 12:00 hours in the San Mamés Press Conference Room. Nora Dañobeitia, on behalf of the BBK and Board member Carlos Del Campo on behalf of Athletic Club were present.

Moreover, it should be pointed out that in order to mark the occasion of the already mentioned final of the BBK’s Mundialito, the official store at San Mamés will remain open to the public as follows: 10:30 to 13:30 and from 15:30 hours until the end of the encounter.

San Mamés will host the final of “The BBK Mundialito” on Saturday

This emblematic football field will provide the backdrop for the final which is to be played between the Brazilian and Bolivian National Teams at 16:30, thanks to Athletic Club’s collaboration. This event of a sporting and festive nature hopes to attract more than 15,000 people.

Brazil-Bolivia. This is the third edition of the masculine “BBK Mundialito or Mini World Cup” and will be held this Saturday, 5 July at 16:30 hours at the one and only San Mamés Football Field, the best possible place to celebrate cultural and social integration. The two finalist teams were the best of the 16 male teams from Latin-America, Africa and the Basque National Team who took part in the play offs, from 31 May at the football field of Lamiako, in Leioa.

It is expected that the tournament final will be viewed by more than 15,000 people, who have already got their free tickets which the BBK have distributed via their ATM machines. The spectators will participate in various give-aways throughout the event, which will conclude with the presentation of the “BBK Mundialito” awards. The finalists will be honoured, with not only the cup, but a complete sporting kit for both the male and female categories, to be handed out by representatives of the Biscay Regional Government, Bilbao and Leioa Town Halls, the Multicultural Association of Lamiako ASMUL, Athletic and the BBK.

To be exact, and up against the added difficulty of making the dimensions of the San Mamés pitch suitable for the “Footba11 8-a-side” modality thus enabling the 8 female teams participating in the “BBK Mundialito” to practise, the finals of this category were held on 28 June in Lamiako. The Eurolatinas team were the deserving champions after defeating the Boliviano de Cruceñas team by 3-1. Real América and the Ecuador National team also played on this day.

Give-aways, party and sport from 16:00 onwards

The San Mamés Football Field will open its doors at 16:00. The two finalists, Brazil and Bolivia, will step onto the field at about 16:30 showing off their new uniforms, accompanied by several groups of boys and girls, and official final photos will be taken. After the national anthems are played, both squads will leave the habitual floral offering for Pichichi, as is the custom when a team or teams play on the San Mamés lawn for the first time.

The kick off of honour will be taken by former International goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. The Mundialito Grand Final will start at about 17:00, and for 90 minutes the match will be watched from the stands by a Bolivian “charanga” or brass band. Also, during the half time break the crowd will be able to enjoy a colourful and lively Brazilian and Colombian spectacle of dance and music.

At the end, and just before the winning team are presented with the “BBK Mundialito” trophy, the organization will be giving away 3 double passes to the highest goal scorers and best goalkeepers, both men and women, so that they can go and see all the Athletic Club matches to be played at San Mamés during the upcoming 2008/09 season, as well as three double tickets to enjoy the Bilbao BBK LIVE 08 Festival on Sunday.

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