Colegio Alemán 2 - Athletic Club 8 | Athletic Club

Colegio Alemán 2 – Athletic Club 8

Athletic Club will present the following starting line-up against Colegio Alemán: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Itsaso, Marta…

Colegio Alemán 2 – Athletic Club 8
Colegio Alemán 2 – Athletic Club 8
Sep 14, 2008

Athletic Club will present the following starting line-up against Colegio Alemán: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Itsaso, Marta M., Tzibi, I. Murua, Orueta, Gangoiti, Joana, Ibarra and Erika.

On the bench will be: Andere, Nekane, Iraia, Zuriñe, Nerea Pérez, Paula and Sandra.

Colegio Alemán is presenting the following starting line-up: Cristina, Montse, Tere, Beatriz, Amanecer, Arantxa, Mari Jose, Carmen Ferrer, Marta Mateos, Julia and Bárbara.

On the bench will be: Marta Jiménez, María, Davinia, Creu, Carmen Pitarch and Laura.

The Referee for the match will be Almendros, with Cebrián and Belmonte assisting.

12:40 – The match kicks-off after a 10-minute delay due to a problem with one of the nets.
(12′) GOOOOAAAL!! Eli Ibarra takes the free kick and sends it directly into the goalmouth to score the 0-1
(13′) Tere booked with yellow for cutting the ball with her hand
(14′) GOOOOAAAL!! Free kick taken; Ibarra shoots, the ball hits an opponent and Irune takes advantage of the rebound to score her second
(25′) GOOOOAAAL!! Irune takes advantage of another rebound to score the third
(28′) Chain reaction mistakes by the defence and rojiblanca goalie which Carmen Ferrer takes advantage of to score the 1-3
(30′) Play down the line by Erika who penetrates and shoots, but is deflected by the goalie. Irune shoots and again Cristina makes the save. The ball reaches Itsaso and the ball is once again blocked by the Valencia goalkeeper
(37′) GOOOOAAAL!! Gangoiti dribbles toward the goalie, staggers out of the feint and with almost no angle shoots to score the fourth
(44′) Marta Moreno booked with yellow for moving the ball

13:43 Second Half kicks-off

(51′) GOOOOAAAL!! Great play down the wing by Erika who hangs the ball for Irune to finish off scoring her third personal goal, 1-5
(58′) Double substitution for Athletic Club: Zuriñe and Sandra substitute Marta M. and Joana
(60′) Shot by Irune well deflected by the local goalie
(62′) Substitution Colegio Alemán: María substitutes Carmen Ferrer
(65′) GOOOOAAAL!! Erika scores the sixth for the rojiblancas
(68′) Substitution Athletic Club: Paula substitutes Gangoiti
(69′) Arantxa scores the second goal for the local team, 2-6
(71′) Substitution Colegio Alemán: Laura substitutes Tere
(71′) Substitution Athletic Club: Nekane substitutes Eli Ibarra
(75′) Substitution Colegio Alemán: Carmen Pitarch substitutes Arantxa
(80′) Substitution Colegio Alemán: Davinia substitutes Montse
(81′) Erika alone in front of Cristina but her chip shot is deflected by the goalie with her fingertips
(82′) Itsaso booked with yellow
(84′) Great save once again by the local goalkeeper, Cristina
(85′) GOOOOAAAL!! Paula steals the ball from a defence, back passes and Irune scores her fourth, 2-7
(89′) GOOOOAAAL!! Irune crosses to Erika, who controls and scores on the half turn, 2-8

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