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L’Estartit 2 Athletic Club 3

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up for their match against L’Estartit: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Itsaso, Marta…

L’Estartit 2 Athletic Club 3
L’Estartit 2 Athletic Club 3
Nov 9, 2008

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up for their match against L’Estartit: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Itsaso, Marta M., Tzibi, I.Murua, Gangoiti, Orueta, Ibarra, Zuriñe and Erika. On the bench: Andere, Nekane, Iraia, Joana, Eba, Lanbarri and Sandra.

On behalf of L’Estartit, their coach Eugeni Bou presented the following starting eleven line up: Alba, Rebeca, Emily, Noelia, Anna Servia, Estefanía, Anna Riera, María, Saioa, Clara and Sara. On the bench: Anna Fabregas, Maribel, Deborah, Anna Ríos, and Miriam.

The referee for the encounter was De la Torre, assisted on the wings by Torrella and Vega.

Members of the Bilbo Ondokoak de Sant Cugat del Vallés Supporters’ Club were present for the clash.

12:04 Kick off.

(20′) 0-1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. A lateral foul is taken between Erika and Ibarra so that the latter could send it to the centre for Tzibi to finish it off with a header.
(32′) Itsaso hammers away but Alba clears the ball to corner with difficulty.
(40′) 1-1. The ball falls in front of Clara, who beats Ainhoa with a strong and angled shot at goal.

13:03 The second half gets underway.

(60′) Substitution made by L’Estartit: Maribel in for Saioa.
(60′) Double substitution by Athletic Club: Iraia and Joana replace I.Murua and Gangoiti.
(63′) 1-2. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. An angled ball which is intercepted by Erika who scores after swerving past a defender.
(66′) Substitution by L’Estartit: Ana Ríos substitutes Sara.
(68′) A dangerous shot at goal by a player from the local team after a foul kick is cleared as a result of a great save by Ainhoa.
(70′) Substitution by L’Estartit: Miriam steps in for Emily.
(76′) Yellow card for Tzibi and Maribel.
(76′) Substitution by L’Estartit: Deborah replaces Estefanía.
(80′) Substitution by Athletic Club: Nekane in for Zuriñe.
(82′) 1-3. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. Nekane scores a great goal at an angle after a series of deflections once the corner kick had been taken.
(86′) Substitution by Athletic Club: Sandra replaces Orueta.
(90′) Yellow card for Nekane for not keeping her distance during the foul kick.
(92′) 2-3. Maribel scores from a direct foul.


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