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Arduous victory in Extremadura

Extremadura 2 – Athletic 3The women’s team has obtained a very laborious victory in a…

Arduous victory in Extremadura
Arduous victory in Extremadura
Dec 21, 2008

Extremadura 2 – Athletic 3

The women’s team has obtained a very laborious victory in a difficult match, if ever there was any. Besides it being disputed on artificial turf, those denominated as first generation, in which the direct game of the opposing team and the later disputes have created too many problems to our players, the referee hasn’t known how to stop the local’s roughness, turning actions that deserved a send off into yellow cards. In addition to Lorena’s send-off, the referee saved the red card in a penalty on Erika when she was getting ready to face the rival goalie, as he did to Laura after an aggression on Arrate.

All in all, Athletic Club has shown its superiority, but without finishing off the match in spite of being ahead twice on the marker. Also, the shape that events took made Coach Iñigo Juaristi replace Arrate and Tzibi as a forecast of worse things to come in the form of a send-off. It’s an important win that leaves our players seven points from the head of the table shared by Espanyol and Rayo Vallecano, although the rojiblancas have disputed one match less.

Athletic Club Ladies’ manager has presented the following starting line-up for the match against Extremadura: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Itsaso, Marta M., Tzibi, Orueta, Joana, Ibarra, Erika, Eba and Paula. On the bench were Andere, I. Murua, Gangoiti, A. Olabarrieta, Garazi, Nerea Pérez and Yasmin.

Playing for the team from Extremadura have been Emmeline, Gema, Cristiane, Azahara, Bea, Piedad, Cacau, Laura, Estefa, Lorena and María Angeles. On the bench were Esther, Sandra, María Gómez, Estela, Vicky and Aroha.

The referee has been Gómez Navarrete, with García Maqueda and Garzón Llorente assisting.

Accompanying the team have been its director, Juan Manuel Delgado, as well as numerous rojiblanco followers of nearby rojiblanco Supporters’ Clubs

12:04 Match kicks-off

(3′) Weak shot on goal by Eba from a corner, which the local goalie saves right on the liner
(12′) 0-1. GOOAAAL!!! Erika scores a good cross by Eba near the far post
(18′) Good ball for Eba, who tries the chip over the goalie, but the ball misses slightly high
(20′) After several rebounds the ball comes to Orueta and her strong shot on goal goes slightly high
(43′) 1-1. After a series of rebounds, Cristiane ends up with the ball and scores the lob just over Ainhoa

13:07 Second half begins.

(46′) Substitution Athletic Club: Gangoiti substitutes Eba
(50′) Laura booked with yellow for a hard foul on Orueta. It could have been red
(52′) 1-2. GOOAAAL!!! Erika takes the free-kick, passes to Vanessa who shoots and scores
(55′) Substitution Athletic Club: I. Murua substitutes Paula
(56′) Strong shot by I. Murua but barely misses high
(58′) 2-2. Lorena scores from a direct foul, from 30 meters
(62′) Hard foul on Ibarra and Tzibi booked with yellow for protesting
(63′) Double substitution Athletic Club: A. Olabarrieta and Garazi substitute Orueta and Tzibi
(68′) Lorena booked with yellow for bringing Erika down as she was heading toward goal. Penalty
(69′) 2-3. GOOAAAL!!! Vanessa converts a penalty
(74′) Lorena booked with red for hard foul on I. Murua
(75′) Garazi booked with yellow

13:58 FINAL

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