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Final: Athletic Club 9 – Torrejón 3Ladies’ Coach Iñigo Juaristi presents the following starting line-up…

Live Match
Live Match
Jan 6, 2009

Final: Athletic Club 9 – Torrejón 3

Ladies’ Coach Iñigo Juaristi presents the following starting line-up against Torrejón: Andere, Vanessa, Marta M., Tzibi, I. Murua, Iraia, Orueta, Joana, A. Olabarrieta, Ibarra and Erika. On the bench will be Ane Landa, Itsaso, Gangoiti, Eba, Nerea Pérez, Garazi and Paula.

Starting for Torrejón will be Noelia, A. Rubio, Marta, Amaya, Ana Belén, Marga, Esther, Patricia, Saray, Esther Cuesta and Silvia. On the bench will be Pope, Lulu, Marisa, Heidi and Uxue.

The referee is Masero Vesga, with García Manceras and Lancho assisting.

11:38. Match kicks-off

(2′) 1-0. GOOOOAAAL!!! Good play down the right by Orueta and the back-pass is finished off by Joana
(4′) One-two by Ibarra-Erika but she over crosses
(5′) 2-0. GOOOOAAAL!!! Good recovery by Orueta, she passes to Ibarra whose cross is shot into the net from the centre of the area by I. Murua
(12′) Point-blank shot by Orueta right into the goalie’s body
(16′) Good intervention by Andere by deflecting to corner a shot by Torrejón
(17′) It is Torrejón’s goalie’s turn to make a double save from shots by Iraia and Erika
(19′) 3-0. GOOOOAAAL!!! Personal play by Erika, who scores the third
(24′) 4-0. GOOOOAAAL!!! Penalty on Orueta, who herself takes the shot, the goalie deflects and the rebound is converted into the fourth goal by Iraia
(37′) 4-1 Shot on goal by Saray, Andere deflects the ball and Saray herself converts the first goal for Torrejón
(39′) Awesome shot by Iraia, but over the crossbar
(41′) 5-1. GOOOOAAAL!!! Bad deflection by Noelia, who leaves the ball for I. Murua to score the fifth as she pleased


12:44. Second half begins

(46′) Substitution Athletic Club: Garazi in for A. Olabarrieta
(49′) Substitution Athletic: Nerea Pérez in for Erika. Substitution Torrejón: Uxue in for Amaya
(50′) 6-1. GOOOOAAAL!!! Pass to Joana, she’s all alone and scores the sixth
(53′) 6-2. Penalty for hand on Tzibi; Saray takes the shot, it hits the post, the referee orders a repeat and Saray scores
(55′) 7-2. GOOOOAAAL!!! Individual play by Ibarra, who passes to I. Murua to score the seventh
(55′) Substitution: Paula in for Vanessa
(58′) 8-2. GOOOOAAAL!!! Ibarra takes the free-kick and Nerea Pérez, with a perfect header scores the eighth
(62′) Brilliant intervention by Andere in a free-kick
(63′) Saray booked with yellow
(70′) Substitution Torrejón: Lulu in for Uxue
(72′) Substitution Athletic: Itsaso in for Joana
(82′) Substitution Torrejón: Marisa in for Silvia
(84′) 9-2. GOOOOAAAL!!! Ball that comes to Nerea Pérez, she quickly dribbles, swerves past the goalie and scores
(86′) 9-3. Deep pass, in a possible offside, to Lulú, who scores the third for Torrejón
(88′) Cross shot by Paula, wide


Photos: Niko.

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