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Athletic in the summits of the world

Taking advantage of the good weather, moment in which red-and-white fans come out more to…

Athletic in the summits of the world
Athletic in the summits of the world
Aug 7, 201816:30

Taking advantage of the good weather, moment in which red-and-white fans come out more to the mountain, from Peña Deusto we would like to remind you that we have been carrying out, from almost 6 years, a project that consists in waving the Athletic flag in all the summits of ‘the world’ of more than 1000 metres.

To participate in this challenge you simply have to take a picture of yourself at the top of any summit of more than 1000 metres and send it by e-mail. We will take care of uploading it in the offcial album of the project and this way, we will complete gradually the red-and-white world map.

The project is called ‘Athletic in the Summits of the World’ (El Athletic en las Cimas del Mundo) and there are only three rules to follow:

1st. The summit has to measure 1000 metres or more.

2nd. The photo must be taken with an Athletic flag or one of its peñas (no other flag can appear except those of the mountain peñas that have no political ties, social demands or anythining like that). We would not want this project to become a flag war. The photo could also be taken with the red-and-white Athletic jersey, but it has to be with it in your hands, waving it like a flag.

3rd. Send the photo to

With the help of many fans, peñas and mountain clubs, in these 8 years they have been conquered more than 700 peaks with the flag of Athletic Club and some of them as important as Aconcagua (Argentina), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) or Helbrus (Russia).

But not everything has to be big mountains and that is why we have set an altitude, 1000 metres, very affordable for all types of mountaineers. For example, 90% of the peaks of Bizkaia have already been conquered.

For all of them we encourage all the red-and-white mendizale (mountaineers in basque) fans to not forget the Athletic flag on their mountain outings and also, to help us to dye with red-and-white colors all the peaks of the planet and its surroundings.

You can find in all the links to the official album of conquered summits and the blog where the objectives and rules of this challenge are explained in detail.





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