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The Athletic Club presents today its new official website

The Athletic Club presents today its new official website

The Athletic Club presents today its new official website
The Athletic Club presents today its new official website
Nov 29, 201808:51

The Athletic Club presents today its new official website, one more step forward after the recent publication of its complete renovated online store. Both milestones, which will be followed by other events on the incoming months, are part of the Digital Transformation project undertaken by the Club. This adaptation affects all areas of the entity, management (direct relationship with members, fans, clubs and customers) and sports (technical staff, players, medical services and administration) included.

In order to carry out the development of the new site, an internal analysis process has been carried out, in parallel with the analysis of the needs and preferences of our website users, leading into a renewed page by means of which our entity will communicate with society.

The changes made so far are only a sample of some of those that will be made in the future. Up to this moment, there are pending contents and functionalities that we will update soon, however, we would highlight:

  1. Digital experience. Our aim is to generate new experiences and, to this end, we have tried to put the user at the centre of our digital communication, offering him/her a useful tool that allows him/her to access the contents in a simple way.
  2. New image. From Athletic Club we wanted to renew our image, not only to adapting it to the new times, but also to place ourselves next to the most prestigious teams on the international scene.
  3. Designed for mobile phones. We want to be as close as possible to our users who consume the information via mobile or tablet. This new website is designed to enjoy the best experience from all devices.

In short, the main objective is to offer a more practical and useful space to members and supporters in general.

Parallel to the launch of the new website, we would like to know all users opinion, from those who visited us in our premiere in 2000, to those who have just surfed for the first time. For this purpose, a small survey is attached to this page.

In addition to sending us your comments, by sharing your opinion you can win one of the five packs of 2 VIP tickets for the second round match against FC Barcelona.

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