Andere Leguina renews her contract until 2021

Andere Leguina renews her contract until 2021

The goalkeeper from Getxo will be playing her thirteenth season in the red-and-white club where she arrived at the age of 14

Andere Leguina renews her contract until 2021
Andere Leguina renews her contract until 2021
Jun 24, 2020

Athletic Club and Andere Leguina (17-03-1989) have reached an agreement for the continuity of the goalkeeper until June 2021. In this way, the red-and-white goalkeeper will start her thirteenth season at the club coinciding with the number of her t-shirt.  Andere is one of the great veterans in the team along with Erika Vazquez and she will face his first season without Ainhoa Tirapu as a teammate.

Andere Leguina arrived at Athletic Club “B” in the 2003-2004 season, at the age of 14 and she made her debut with the first team on November 25, 2006, at the age of 17. It was a League match against Lagunak that ended in a victory for Athletic and a 3-0 goal. That same year, she won his second League title after the first one in 2003-2004.  The goalkeeper left Lezama in 2012-2013 (she played for San Ignacio and Madrid CFF) and went back to the red-and-white discipline in 2016-2017.

“Without my nerves, something would be missing”

The goalkeeper from Getxo who stands out for her agility, reflexes and good footwork. A very committed lion who has been combining football with her work as telecommunications engineer for years. “Since I started at Athletic, everything has evolved a lot, and luckily, for the better”.

It’s always good to stay with Athletic, I’ve grown here and I’ll continue to grow here, regardless of age. Every time you sign, it’s always with hope and when you start a new season it’s always different and you feel those nerves inside; Without them, something would be missing“, pointed out Andere.

The goalkeeper foresees a complex next season although she thinks positively “to keep having the same block although there will be some casualties. I think that this year we have been able to take one step forward and that was seen just before the break. Let’s hope that in the new season everything we have been working on can be useful so that we can get great results such as the Queen’s Cup and also, a good season at the top positions”.

Leguina promises to “train hard, to keep improving and make my teammates better. If we can get the prize of playing it will be great, but above all we are a team and we work for it”.