The Genuine team returns to Lezama

The Genuine team returns to Lezama

More than a year after the last in-person session, the team will once again train on the pitch in groups of twelve players in double shifts

The Genuine team returns to Lezama
The Genuine team returns to Lezama
May 26, 2021

Our Athletic Club Foundation Genuine team returned to the Lezama facilities on Tuesday, May 25, for its first in-person training session in 2021.

The outbreak of the pandemic forced the cancellation of the remaining phases of LaLiga Genuine more than a year ago. In addition, in-person training sessions were suspended due to COVID-19 and were held via Zoom instead.

The Genuine squad has returned to Lezama’s pitch 7 in groups of twelve in double shifts, bringing with it the joy and enthusiasm that is always associated with this team.

The intention of the coaching staff of this squad of 48 players is for weekly in-person training sessions to alternate with virtual sessions until the end of the season.

For next year, LaLiga Genuine is confident that normality will be restored and that the two remaining phases of the competition can finally be played. The fourth and final one of these stages is scheduled to take place at Lezama.

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