Ordinary General Meeting

Ordinary General Meeting

The Assembly was opened by the Secretary of the Club, Mr. Bustamante, by thanking all…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Sep 27, 2006

The Assembly was opened by the Secretary of the Club, Mr. Bustamante, by thanking all those present for their attendance. In the first session, at 19:30, there were 650 members present. Later on, the total count of participants was 911 mediating members.

After a minute of silence to honour the members, players and Board members that have passed away during the last year, Athletic Club President, Fernando Lamikiz, takes the floor and makes a revision of the situation of the club, from the sporting, economic and institutional viewpoint.

– From a sporting standpoint, highlighting the hiring of Aduriz, Sarriegi, Gabilondo and Javi Martinez and the promotions of reserves’ players (Amorebieta, Ustaritz, Dañobeitia…)

– From an economic point of view, emphasizing the new television contract, the new sponsorships and the improvements in merchandising and in the Foundation’s activity, which will help bring an end to the structural deficit of the last few years.

– From an institutional viewpoint, he points out that the club is in excellent relations with the LFP, the Federation, and the rest of clubs -including those we have agreements with-, the Basque Regional Government and Town Hall.

He states that seeing the generalized dissatisfaction that persists after this difficult past season, he thereby submits his resignation so that he is not a burden to the club and that the remaining Board members will remain. He acknowledges that it has been a great honour to be president and requests the support of members and fans for Ana Urquijo, his successor.

Finally, he ends his address by thanking the Board members and announcing that Bustamante will be submitting his resignation as well.

+ Listen to President Fernando Lamikiz and Secretary Juan Ignacio Bustamante’s Speech:

Juan Ignacio Bustamante’s Speech
Fernando Lamikiz’s Speech

Subsequently, the Club’s Accountant, Eukeni Olabarria, presents the economic balance for the 2005-06 season, the Foundation’s balance and the Budget for the 2006-07 season, giving the floor to Juan Carlos Ercoreca, who explains the commercial and sponsorship activities of the club.

1. Approval, if that is the case, of the Annual Accounts, Balance and Management of the Board of Directors for the previous Fiscal Year. Voting results:

Yes: 577 (61.51%)
No: 309 (32.94%)
Abstentions: 12 (1.27%)
Void: 40 (4.26%)

2. Approval, if that is the case, of the Budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year. Voting Results:

Yes: 569 (61.24%)
No: 305 (32.83%)
Abstentions: 14 (1.50%)
Void: 41 (4.41%)

With regards to the third point on the Agenda, the Board’s Projects and Proposals, the Board proposes naming Julen Guerrero an Honorary Athletic Club Member, in recognition for his sporting career and services rendered, motion defended by Vice-President, Ana Urquijo.

It is carried by the approval of the Assembly.

Accordingly, we move on to the fourth point on the Agenda, Any Other Business, which is prolonged until 1:10 in the morning, with 15 speakers.

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