Athletic Club 5 Barcelona 0

Athletic Club 5 Barcelona 0

Coach Iñigo Juaristi’s starting eleven line up in the club’s match against Barcelona: Andere, Vanessa,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Mar 25, 2007

Coach Iñigo Juaristi’s starting eleven line up in the club’s match against Barcelona: Andere, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Guru, Tzibi, I.Murua, Orueta, A.Olabarrieta, Ibarra and Eba.

On the bench: Ainhoa, Uriagereka, L.Zabala, Jessi, Zarate, Lorena and Yoana.

On behalf of Barcelona: Cristina, Paulina, Sheila, Ani, Romero, Marta, Elba, Mireia, Juditt, Jessica and Melani. On the bench: Sarai, Marina, Alba Vilas, Albita and Bobo.

The referee was Isturiz Latorre, aided by Calle Baños and Goikolea Zorrilla. The Athletic Club players wore a black band on their arms as a show of respect for the death of Arrate Orueta’s father.

(7′) GOOOOOOAAAL. 1-0. Eba heads the ball to Orueta, who swerves past in the goal area and scores a goal.
(18′) A cross by Paulina and a good intervention by Andere.
(21′) GOOOOOOOAAAL. 2-0. A perfect pass from the wing by Ibarra and Guru hammers it home coming from behind.
(24′) A good shot at goal by Tzibi which is easily caught by Cristina.
(25′) Now it’s Eli Ibarra who fires away and Cristina repels the ball with her fists.
(39′) Eli Ibarra takes a foul, which hits an opponent and is finished off by Orueta but it hits the crossbar.
(42′) Once again Eli Ibarra takes the foul, Eba finishes it off with a header and the goalkeeper sends it to corner.
(43′) GOOOOOOAAAL. 3-0. Shot at goal by Guru, cleared by Cristina with difficulty, and an alert Itziar scores the third goal.

(51′) Changes made by Barcelona: Alba Vilas and Albita in for Jessica and Melani.
(57′) Change made by Athletic: Lorena steps in for Eli Ibarra.
(57′) Change made by Barcelona: Bobo replaces Elba.
(65′) Albita takes a foul shot, it hits the post.
(68′) Change made by Athletic: Yoana’s debut and she substitutes Arrate Orueta.
(74′) Change made by Athletic: Uriagereka in for Guru.
(74′) Change made by Barcelona: Sarai steps in for Romero.
(79′) Change made by Athletic: Jessi replaces Eba.
(82′) A point-blank shot at goal by Irune Murua hits the goalkeeper.
(84′) GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. 4-0. A superb goal by Irune Murua who intercepts the ball from outside the goal area, swerves past three defenders and the ball crosses past Cristina.
(87′) Shot at goal by Irune Murua is caught by the goalie.
(88′) A good pass from Yoana to Irune Murua, who is alone, but can’t finish it off well and the ball is sent to corner by Cristina.
(90′) GOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. 5-0. A pass from A.Olabarrieta, finished off by Irune Murua, deflected by the goalkeeper and hammered home by Jessi.


(Photos: Niko)

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