Espanyol 3 Athletic Club 1

Espanyol 3 Athletic Club 1

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up against Espanyol: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Tzibi, I.Murua,…

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Mar 9, 2008

Athletic Club’s starting eleven line up against Espanyol: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Tzibi, I.Murua, Iraia, Orueta, Ibarra, Zuriñe and Erika.

Waiting for their opportunity on the bench: María, L.Zabala, Nekane, Zarate, Lorena, M.Padilla and Nerea. Nerea wearing the number 31.

On behalf of the local team: Cristina, Ane, Olga, Miriam, M.Torrejón, Noemi, Carol, Marta Cubí, Nuria, Olga R. and M.Corredera. On the bench: Lara, Sara, Vicky, Natalia, Rocío and Marina.

Refereed by Emilio José Rubio Pérez, with the aid of Moro and Gayoso.

12:03. Match gets underway

(5′) Double opportunity, Itziar fires away but the ball is repelled by a defender and later the shot at goal by Erika is sent to corner.
(6′) Great move by Erika, who reaches the other end of the field but her pass behind goes nowhere as there’s no one there to take it.
(8′) 0-1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL. Orueta to Ibarra, who kicks it deep and to the centre which is finished off by I.Murua.
(20′) Wicked shot at goal by M.Corredera and an excellent move by Ainhoa who sends it to corner with her hand.
(26′) Crossed shot at goal by M.Cubí just misses scraping past the post.
(43′) I.Murua fires away but the ball is caught with difficulty by the goalie.


13:06. Start of the second half.
(50′) 1-1. A deep pass to Marta Cubí, who evens the match.
(52′) 2-1. The indecisiveness of a Red-White defender allows Miriam to take advantage and score another goal (2-1).
(55′) Shot taken by M.Corredera sent to corner by Ainhoa.
(60′) Change made by Athletic: Lorena in for Vanessa.
(66′) Yellow card for Tzibi. Her fifth so she won’t be playing next week.
(68′) Shot taken by Espanyol which again goes astray after having scraped the post.
(70′) Change by Athletic: Nekane steps in for I.Murua.
(71′) Change made by Espanyol: Sara in for Nuria.
(73′) 3-1. Foul taken by M.Torrejón and Marta Cubí, with a header, scores the third.
(75′) Erika takes off and her crossed shot at goal hits the post.
(77′) Yellow card for Erika for complaining.
(81′) Change by Athletic: M.Padilla replaces Erika.
(83′) Change by Espanyol: Vicky steps in for M.Corredera.
(87′) Change by Espanyol: Lara in for Carol.
(87′) Change by Athletic: Nerea replaces Zuriñe. It’s Nerea’s debut with the premier team.
(90′) Nothing less than three consecutive saves by Ainhoa.


Photos: Niko.

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