Highlights of Thinking Football (IV): ‘The two Escobars’

Highlights of Thinking Football (IV): ‘The two Escobars’

The Zimbalist brothers, directors of the award-winning ‘Nossa Chape’ in the last edition of Thinking Football, directed this documentary about Colombian football and drug trafficking

Jeff and Michael Zimbalist directed this historical chronicle in 2010 focused on the drug money controlled by Colombian soccer at the best time in its history, around the 1994 World Cup. The story is told in parallel by two celebrities who only had the same last name: drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and national team captain Andrés Escobar, who was killed after scoring a goal for himself in that World Cup held in the United States.


The prestigious Zimbalist brothers, winners of the Thinking Football 2019 Audience Award with the film ‘Nossa Chape’ and who visited us for the first time with this documentary in 2014, contextualize in the political-social reality of Colombia, the success of a national team that, according to Pelé, arrived as one of the favorites for the World Cup in the USA. That team marked an era in which René Higuita, Valderrama, Asprilla or Rincón stood out, led by Andrés Escobar and coached by ProfessorMaturana. A team that despite being capable of beating Argentina 5-0 in the decisive qualifying match, was hopelessly linked to a context dominated by drug trafficking money and, in particular, by the Cartel of Medellín. The shadow of this fatal influence is well illustrated in this film we are recommending today.

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