Statement about the Super League

Statement about the Super League

Athletic Club disagrees with the proposed creation of a tournament model that threatens our values

Athletic Club wishes to express its profound disagreement with the proposal for the creation of the Super League, promoted by 12 clubs from the three big leagues behind the backs of UEFA. It is a model which threatens the footballing values that Athletic Club believes in and stands for.

To the pride of our fans, Athletic Club’s philosophy has always been to compete with a football based on youth and development, maximising and protecting local talent who aspire to fight for our badge in competitions of the highest level, reached via sporting merit. Athletic Club is the third most decorated club of those that form LaLiga and occupies an important place among those that compete in the major European leagues.

Athletic Club is a member of UEFA and the ECA (European Club Association) youth academy committees, and also endorses the current economic control standards and existing mechanisms that seek to ensure a more rational, controlled and sustainable football in terms of costs. All clubs in Europe should work together to guarantee and uphold the sporting structures and values that have allowed the sport to grow on this continent over the past century.