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Matchday 22

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José Zorrilla
5:00 PM
Date and time
2/8/2009 - 5:00 PM

An uphill match

Athletic Club has lost 2-1 against Valladolid. Víctor scored both local goals, the first from…

Feb 8, 2009

Athletic Club has lost 2-1 against Valladolid.

Víctor scored both local goals, the first from a penalty, and Orbaiz did so for our team after Llorente shot the penalty into the post. A match with many alternatives, filled with incidences and in which our players haven’t been able to celebrate with the thousands of fans that travelled to Valladolid with a positive result.

Among the incidents, the most negative considering the result, have been the injuries of Ustaritz and Javi Martinez, as well as the red card shown to Yeste in the last breaths of the match. Besides the wind which made both teams work hard, especially the goalies and, also, the work of the referee, who didn’t leave anybody happy.

With the day ended, Athletic Club is in tenth place, it’s been overtaken by Valladolid itself, and next Sunday it will have defeat Recreativo in San Mamés to continue sailing calm waters and, by way, continue accumulating favourable goal-averages, as has already foolishly occurred in the cases of Malaga and Valladolid.

The match, beyond the cited incidents, has been open with two teams that didn’t speculate at any time. In fact, Athletic came on with determination on the attack and in the minute 2, a peculiar play took place. Llorente got the ball well positioned as Garcia Calvo lay at the edge of his area, but ended high and the hostilities untied on the field, in the stands and even the benches after the Valladolid players asked for Llorente to send the ball out. That’s all very pretty if it weren’t for the declaration of principles by the pucelanos, whom before the match had affirmed that they were not going to send the ball out and that it was the responsibility of the referee to stop play.

Once over the initial flush, and with the rojiblancos spurred by tail winds and the thousands of throats that purposely made the trip turning the Nuevo Zorrilla into San Mamés at times, in the 9th minute Justo Villar couldn’t stop a shot by Llorente, just as occurred to Iraizoz in the second half, however, Ion Vélez was unable to finish it off; a circumstance that repeated in the minute 17 with same the players, though in this case Vélez’ header was barely wide. Of Valladolid we can highlight a great header by Víctor which Iraizoz deflected. Despite everything, the passing of minutes brought about more calm and balance in possession and initiative with some dangerous crosses by the pucelanos, but without effective danger. They didn’t need it because a long ball to Sesma was enough, Iraizoz went after it by throwing himself at the feet of the midfielder, he cleared the ball and Sesma in his run touched the goalie’s arms. All this corroborated even by the referee in the midst of the mess, but it’s not been enough for him to rectify.

It has not been our week from the penalty spot and besides Víctor did not make mistakes like Kanouté did. From then and until the interval, the injuries in both back lines made for Ustaritz to be replaced by Etxeita and Garcia Calvo by Bea. Besides, Javi Martinez had an adductor injury (will not go to the Spanish Under-21 call-up) and Del Olmo occupied his place, changing Yeste to the double pivot. Athletic Club came in with the intention of equalizing as quickly as possible, which they almost achieved from a corner in the minute 51, but there was no receiver in the goalmouth. Valladolid felt right at home in this first quarter hour and had more room than before, which they profited from with an attempt by Pedro Leon from a free-kick, a well-executed counterattack that gave them the lead with the 2-0 in the minute 58 after Víctor got unmarked from Koikili and Pedro Leon, again on a set piece, made Iraizoz work.

At the hour of play, Etxeberria came in for Susaeta, but the team continued without depth in the flanks, which has been no obstacle for the initiative to have been rojiblanca until the end. In the 61, Ion Vélez shot wide and in the 63 the referee called a penalty by Nano on Llorente, who fell between two rivals. Beyond the fact that the images didn’t dissipate doubts either way, perhaps the referee had certain restlessness in his conscience to compensate the decision of the first half, although with a 2-0 perhaps it came late. Llorente shot to the post and in the subsequent scuffle Orbaiz opened the door to hope with the 2-1.

The fans and the players were reborn, although Goitom, with his heel in the goal area, intercepted by Iraizoz, had the following occasion. In the low through plays cheered accordingly by the colours of the crowd, Ion Vélez has been subject of the clearest penalty of the evening, but it seemed excessive to call holding on Bea. To ease the wounds, they didn’t penalize several fouls against Athletic and Del Olmo finished the match without cards; a sad consolation.

In the minute 74, Athletic Club had its last attempt. Llorente, who was no longer being grabbed by his jersey, ended with a header but excessively perforated and at the opposite post the bounce back made an accurate header by Ion Vélez almost impossible. And until the end there was the will, but there was no way, with a Valladolid that had fewer difficulties than wished for or expected in deep balls. To make matters worse, the referee was brave enough to send Yeste off with a direct red for separating Sesma while trying to take the foul shot. He will not play before Recreativo in the first week in long time without intermediate competitions.