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JD Somorrostro2 : 7Athletic Club

Ion Vélez18'
Muñoz, Iñaki86'
El Malecón
6:00 PM
Date and time
12/3/2008 - 6:00 PM

Victory in Muskiz

JD Somorrostro 2 – Athletic Club 7Athletic Club lined-up Armando, Murillo, Koikili, Etxebarria, Casas, Muñoz,…

Dec 3, 2008

JD Somorrostro 2 – Athletic Club 7

Athletic Club lined-up Armando, Murillo, Koikili, Etxebarria, Casas, Muñoz, Del Olmo, Gurpegi, Iñigo, Ion Velez and Gabilondo. On the bench were Iturraspe, Lafuente and Ismael López.

Playing for Somorrostro were Yosu, Lambarri, Iñigo, Lezo, Edorta, Goiko, Ander Cerro, Riki, Rafa, Gontzal and Joserra. On the bench were Josema, Andoni, Endika, Galarza, Alfonso, Txolo, Sergio and Bustamante.

The referee was Delgado Ferreiro, with Laviña and Salguero assisting. Board members Carlos del Campo and Juan Pedro Guzmán represented Athletic Club in this match.

(4′) 1-0. Lezo, with a header, from a corner
(6′) Gontzal, in front of Armando, but misses wide
(9′) Substitution: Endika in for Lezo
(10′) Gabilondo, all alone, passes to Ion Vélez and the water on the pitch slows the ball down
(12′) Muñoz shoots from outside the area but the goalie deflects to corner
(16′) 1-1. GOOOAAAL! Iñigo beats Yosu with his left
(18′) 1-2. GOOOAAAL! Ion Vélez receives a pass from Gabilondo and overtakes the goalie with his right
(21′) Gurpegi finishes off with a header, but wide
(22′) 1-3. GOOOAAAL! Iñigo finishes off a cross from Gabilondo
(29′) Rafa Reyes shoots but a defence pulls it out from under the woods
(33′) 1-4. GOOOAAAL! Iñigo shoots a pass from Ion Vélez straight into the net with his right
(36′) 1-5. GOOOAAAL! Etxebarria takes advantage of a header pass from Gurpegi to score the fifth
(37′) 2-5. Rafa Reyes sticks the tip of his right foot and beats Armando


(46′) Substitutions: Lafuente, Iturraspe and Ismael in for Armando, Casas and Iñigo
(59′) 2-6. GOOOAAAL! Murillo, with a strong shot after a one-two with Iturraspe
(62′) Muñoz shoots and hits the post
(73′) Del Olmo shoots, but defender deflects to corner
(81′) Ion Vélez, on an individual play, but the shot on goal is blocked by the goalie
(81′) Ion Vélez barely off-target
(86′) 2-7. GOOOOAAAL!! Muñoz shoots into the back of the net after a one-two with Ion Vélez