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Athletic Club2 : 0AD Alcorcón

San Mamés
10:00 PM
Date and time
11/10/2010 - 10:00 PM

A victory that allows us to start thinking about the next round

Athletic Club 2 – AD Alcorcón 0Athletic Club beat Alcorcón by 2-0 and are already…

Nov 10, 2010

Athletic Club 2 – AD Alcorcón 0

Athletic Club beat Alcorcón by 2-0 and are already in the next round prior to the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup. The goalscorers were Gabilondo and Orbaiz. Our team did what they had to do, which meant not leaving any gaps to avoid surprises, winning the 2nd leg match, not having any goals scored against them and, in conclusion, something fundamental in a Copa eliminatory, making it to the next round, in this case the round prior to the quarterfinals. No bragging but objective accomplished.

The visitors, on their behalf, didn’t come here to hand out presents, which is an obligation and just what was expected of them, beyond the “Alcorconazo” phenomenon, which enabled them to beat Real Madrid, but is not always enough to beat other teams. The yellow pressure of the first minutes soon waned and then, at the end of the first half and in the middle of the second one, the team from Madrid showed a burst of what they were capable of doing, but not enough so as to leave the Red-Whites out of combat.

From the 5th minute on Athletic took on the preponderant role that was expected of them. In the seventh minute David Lopéz took a line shot at goal that went out and in tenth Aurtenetxe, who less than one year ago was playing in the Youth Cup, took a shot at goal with a header that went straight to the goalie’s gloves, perhaps because of doubts over his positioning. Just like the weather, the match did not have too much pace or fire, but the passage through the goalless desert ended in the 25th minute when a precise centre pass by David Lopéz from the right was kicked into the back of the net by Gabilondo.

After the joy, unfortunately it is also necessary to point out an injury, in the 34th minute Toquero had some discomfort in the top part of his thigh requiring Igor Martínez to take his place. While our team’s goal was annulled for Aurtenetxe supposedly being offside, Alcorcón, who had spent the first half without practically finishing off anything between the three posts, livened up in the home straight, although their clearest goalscoring opportunity was a foul shot take by Borja that went over the crossbar after rebounding off the human wall.

Facing the second half, the score of 1-0, had the same name that many of the Red-White players had given the match, which was none other than misleading. Each having their own respective reasons, both teams came out onto the pitch with the desire of taking charge but the Red-Whites had the first goalscoring occasions, like Orbaiz’s line shot in the 52nd minute, which just missed, or a play in the 54th, which neither Gabilondo nor Iraola were able to finish off despite being very close to the goalmouth.

Then it was the visiting team’s turn, the yellow team had their clearest goalscoring opportunities, almost consecutively, first with a deep pass by Bermúdez that Iraizoz cleared as best he could, then with a volley that enabled the goalkeeper to make a great save and put, this evening and by the way, the debate concerning our team’s goal area to an end, a debate which is just as sterile as it is cyclical.

Anquela made as many substitutions as the regulations allow in a period of a couple of minutes. First Montañés and Rueda, who replaced Jeremy and Hernández, and finally Quini who stepped in for a tired Sales. On behalf of our team Iñigo Pérez was sent in to replace David Lopéz in the 72nd minute, making Igor Martínez position himself on the right flank. Just before the final whistle blow, Muniain replaced Llorente and those who bore the run of the mill match and the inclemency of the weather reaped the reward of being able to see, live, the best of what was an unpleasant night, which was Athletic’s second goal, scored by Orbaiz. Muniain was not able to finish off a centre from the right forcefully enough, so the ball ended up loose in the area, Orbaiz , however, was able to control it and with his right he beat the goalie and a defender with a perfect chip shot.

Two nil and in the round prior to the quarterfinals, and though we are thinking of our next possible rival, our minds are already set on defeating Almería on Saturday.

The Athletic Club line up: Iraizoz; Iraola, San José, Ustaritz, Aurtenetxe; David López, Gurpegi, Orbaiz, Gabilondo; Toquero and Llorente. On the bench: Raúl, Iturraspe, Iñigo Pérez, Balenziaga, Ion Vélez, Igor Martínez and Muniain.

The AD Alcorcón line up: Raúl Moreno; Anuarbe, J. Hernández, Babin, Bermúdez; Alberdi, Rubén Sanz; F. Sales, Borja, Jeremy and D. Sanz. On the bench: Eladio; Carlos Martínez, Mora, Montañés, Quini, Rueda and Nagore.

Referee, González González, linesmen, Sánchez and Borrás.

At midday at Ibaigane, coinciding with the official luncheon of the two clubs, the Athletic Club Board of directors presented the representatives AD Alcorcón with a plaque as a souvenir of their first visit to San Mamés.