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Matchday 28

Getafe CF2 : 2Athletic Club

Urko Vera93'
Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
9:00 PM
Date and time
3/14/2011 - 9:00 PM

The logical draw came at the last minute

Getafe 2 Athletic Club 2Getafe and Athletic Club reached a 2-all draw at the Alfonso…

Mar 14, 2011

Getafe 2 Athletic Club 2

Getafe and Athletic Club reached a 2-all draw at the Alfonso Pérez stadium. Manu scored 3 goals, on two occasions for the locals and on another for Athletic and Urko Vera scored our squad’s second goal. All the goals were scored in the second half in a match that had more goals and excitement, especially in the final straight, than good play. One point that keeps the team in sixth spot with the same lead with regards to the team in eighth spot and in particular with a favourable goal average over Getafe, which is no mean feat on a pitch we have never won on but at least, we have come back home with one point more times than we have empty-handed.

The first half of the encounter was a bit weak, and the control of the game and the goal scoring opportunities were like an oasis in the middle of a desert on yesterday’s rainy and windy pitch, all of which made it even more unpleasant as the encounter unfolded. Not much to write home about on behalf of the locals, except Getafe’s only clear goalscoring opportunity of this half, when Albín took a shot at goal with his left that was sent to corner by Iraizoz.

As far as our side was concerned, Muniain, a target of all the whistles and catcalls yesterday, as if he had stolen the encounter’s takings, took a shot at goal that went over the crossbar in the 13th minute and soon afterwards Sánchez who was not given a booking whatsoever tackled him heavily. With the disagreeable weather along with the accumulation of missed opportunities by both teams, Cata Díaz reminded everyone that Llorente’s undershirt was red every time the forward was given a foul, and also that he is rapid when crossing just as he was in the 41st minute, when he swiped the ball from Gurpegi when it seemed to be a sure-fire goal.

Despite the fact that in the last minutes of the match the game got lively, or crazy, at times, the number of errors made by both sides was considerable when it came to putting the ball into play, holding onto the ball or getting the counterattack moves that seemed clear right.

Now in the second half Orbaiz stepped in for Gurpegi. This period was more lively, not just because of the final outcome, but because the goalscoring opportunities appeared despite the lack of play. Unfortunately every time Athletic seemed to be in control of the match or was likely to take the lead, Getafe would score. The first opportunity came about with a devilish pass to the centre by Ríos, but Susaeta had an even clearer one in the 53rd minute when planting himself in front of Codina, but his shot at goal with the left was caught by the goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards, Caparrós ordered De Marcos to play in the forward position and repositioned Susaeta on the right wing. The second clear goalscoring opportunity for our team came about in the 57th minute after a good pass to the centre was kicked by Muniain, from the left, which was finished off by Llorente with a header, but this was intercepted by Codina.

The panorama was better than in the first half, but the following play by Getafe ended in a 1-0 score on the scoreboard. Albín took the ball off San José in a dispute, went to the goal line and centred to the heart of the area and the ball ended up loose for Manu to push it into the back of the net.

Almost automatically Athletic divulged their wager concerning strategy with the entrance of Urko Vera and David López on the field in the 61st minute, in replacing De Marcos and Susaeta. In hindsight this was useful in order to come away with a point. Getafe wanted to seal the match, but unfortunately for them in the 70th minute David López’s foul shot was deflected by Manu with his head and the ball went right into his own goalmouth sneaking past the goalie despite his stretch. A draw and the start of a new match.

Athletic kept tightening the screws, but not excessively and even though Getafe showed signs of impotence, the clash was an even affair. Michel sent Parejo in to replace Casquero and Sardinero in for Ríos, which meant that Manu had to move to the right flank, which also allowed him to bring home the bacon, obviously, and score his team’s second goal (2-1) with an impressive shot at goal.

Nevertheless, previously, in the 80th minute, Muniain through sheer speed intercepted a pass from Urko Vera, but his shot at goal had little angle and was repelled by Codina. Iker himself could experience throughout the entire match what it means to be labelled “the enfant terrible” and as if this experience were not complete, Casquero, an expert in communication, gave him another kind of mark, as if it were of no importance.

Athletic was the one who was applying the pressure so just in case Michel sent Borja to step in for Albín. On the contrary, as mentioned before, Getafe scored by means of Manu, who else? A counterattack down the left wing ended with the ball being on the opposite wing and Manu, with the left, scored a fantastic goal, the most harmful of his special hat-trick, because it was scored against us and left us little time to retaliate, with only six minutes as well as injury time, until the end of the match.

Fortunately Athletic, who today may not of had much game, but does have a class that characterizes them kept on fighting in order to get one point. Used to life or death duels, our third draw this season is not insignificant. As expected, the draw could only be achieved with set moves. Despite the fact that the injury time allotted was of only three minutes, our team exploited these to the max. In the last corner kick in the last second, with Gorka Iraizoz in the rival area, David López took the corner that ended in goal. It looked as though our goalkeeper had finished if off, but really it was finished off by Urko Vera, who was a couple of centimetres below him. Urko chose the best time to make his goalscoring debut in First Division and keep, along the way, our European options alive.

Now it’s time to take part in a top-class duel against Villarreal, both difficult and appealing in light of the first of the last ten decisive match day rounds still left.