Athletic Club - Real Sporting de Gijón
Matchday 7

Athletic Club - Real Sporting de Gijón

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Real Sporting de Gijón
Real Sporting de Gijón
  • 82' Toquero
  • De las Cuevas 65'78'

LocationSan Mamés , Bilbo

Athletic Club 1 Sporting 2: Without many ideas

Athletic Club lost to Sporting by 1-2. Toquero scored the Red-White goal and De las…

Athletic Club

Athletic Club lost to Sporting by 1-2. Toquero scored the Red-White goal and De las Cuevas the two on behalf of the visiting squad, who had taken advantage perfectly, especially in the second half, of the lack of ideas on behalf of our team on their approaches to the shipshape rival rearguard. During the first half Athletic had more approaches and scoring opportunities whereas as the Asturians couldn’t even take a shot at goal. At the start of the second half the initiative still belonged to the locals, but Sporting were more spot on in front of the goalposts, especially De las Cuevas, who had made the most of his counter attack runs. The late goal by Toquero and the consequent reaction were not enough. Now, with hardly any time to rest, the Europa League is back on Thursday at San Mamés, another difficult match in another competition with another opportunity to get back on the victorious track.

In today’s encounter Gurpegi had the first goal-scoring opportunity, but his shot from outside the area missed in minute 2 of the game, just like De Marco’s volley in minute 13. A mirage against what was to be the Asturians’ conduct throughout the match. Just as the visiting coach said during the press conference, though Athletic did not have total control of the match, they did get close and created more palpable and dangerous opportunities against a rival who had reached the half time break without having taken a shot at goal. In this context Sporting’s dominance during the first fifteen minutes can be understood.

From that moment on the Red-Whites took on the role that a host team is expected to have and until half an hour into the game, after the exchanges down the wing by De Marcos and Susaeta, created two clear goal-scoring opportunities. In the 26th minute Susaeta made a great personal move, but the centre pass to follow was useless as Llorente could not make it in time to finish it off. In the 30th a centre pass from the right was finished off by Toquero but his header went astray. From this moment on until the half time interval the only thing worth mentioning was the yellow card given to Barral in minute 27 of the game and the one unseen in minute 41. In this same
line was Lora, seen in minute 52 and unseen in minute 58, and Susaeta, seen in the 22nd and unseen in the 70th. A trio of moves to be analysed by the infallible judges who exercise their authority to give and take away from the referees and who, available for viewing, can examine along the way the reiterated penalties which later come to nothing.

Following the exact minute of prolongation and already back on field, the first impression was positive: a header by Etxeita was caught by Juan Pablo in minute 46, but in this second half Sporting shook the cobwebs off quickly. De las Cuevas also sent out his particular sign of things to come with a tight shot at goal in minute 47 of the game and in minute 60 a scrum in the red-white area caused the onset of anxiety. Shortly afterwards Orbaiz made his comeback to the football field, in this case replacing Gurpegi and without time to settle down the visiting team scored the 0-1 thanks to a good foul shot taken by De las Cuevas. This was the first goal scored, but there was no need for more.

Athletic did not know how to react, while Preciado strengthened his team by sending Bilic and Carmelo onto the field. Despite a weak attempt made by Iraola with a header with little angle, the red-whites caused no harm and the gaps at the back became more and more palpable, perhaps that’s why in minute 77 of the game De las Cuevas had no opposition in his rapid counter attack which went on to establish the 0-2 outcome on the scoreboard and which had cast an even darker shadow over the panorama.

Athletic were lacking in play and intensity, but not in pride. On the bench were
Gabilondo and Etxeberria who stepped onto the field to replace Koikili and Susaeta. The first player was sent to cover the left wing and the second the right in attack, which resulted in the umpteenth change of wings for another player who had made his comeback today. It was the newcomer Gabilondo who had sent a steady ball to the area and there was Toquero waiting to score his goal with a header. There were still 10 minutes left, but the visceral reaction was not enough despite Etxeita’s header that was to follow, Etxeita made his first debut as a starting line up player this season.

A defeat at home which leaves us in the middle of the league ladder and with Getafe as our next rival away from home, In the meantime, the European objective which should serve as a means of forgetting the sadness for the three important points which would have placed us in the tranquil zone in the standings.