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Matchday 10

Athletic Club3 : 0Atlético de Madrid

San Mamés
10:00 PM
Date and time
10/27/2011 - 10:00 PM

Heavy rain, lots of game and goals

Athletic Club 3 – Atlético de Madrid 0Athletic Club managed to finish its seventh consecutive…

Oct 28, 2011

Athletic Club 3 – Atlético de Madrid 0

Athletic Club managed to finish its seventh consecutive undefeated match by winning against Atlético Madrid (3-0) after an outstanding second half. The goals during that period by Llorente (2) and Toquero sealed a triumph with no goals conceded in Liga for the first time this season, which allows our team to climb to the eighth position pending the away match, with not much time to rest, on Sunday at noon against Sporting Gijon. In a victory dedicated by their teammates to team captain Gurpegi, and to grieve the injuries of Javi Martinez (whom in any case had already been booked with five yellows) and Amorebieta. Meanwhile, let’s stay with the positive view of things, a shower of goals, strength and good plays, mainly in the second half.

In spite of the final outcome, our teams start has not been their most exciting and a rejuvenated Atlético Madrid, with a starting line-up from last season’s 1-2 the only players that repeated were Godín, Assunçao and Reyes, had the first options of scoring with certain potency. While the rojiblancos unanimously demanded a penalty by Godín on Susaeta in the 8th and in the 11th Miranda sent a shot by Llorente to corner, the visitors threatened with a high shot by Reyes, but mostly with a right-footed shot by Falcao after overtaking all defenders which was deflected by a well-concentrated Iraizoz, who almost immediately after saw how Filipe Luis, now his friend after the unfortunate injury he suffered, over crossed with his left.

Nevertheless, despite avoiding danger, problems began to accumulate. First Javi Martinez was booked with a yellow, his fifth, which brought about requirements for his sanction. With no time left for anything, Fernando Amorebieta was injured and San Jose returned to the playing field. With the lack of game and many tangible emotions, harmony was taken over by the referee; so much so that he claimed a rather clear foul by Iturraspe on Ardan which he didn’t sanction in the 25th.

In spite of everything, the rojiblancos were beginning to speed things up, better positioned, greater effectiveness as far as pressure and one or another options in front. First Llorente shot from the right from outside the area and Courtois sent it to corner, though the referee continued making friends and called it a goal-kick. In that same line, as for attempts, not with regards to the ref, in the 38th a right by De Marcos after Godín tipped it was deflected by Courtois and on the brink of the interval a poisoned cross by Iraola travelled the area, until Miranda was able to send it to corner.

All in all, in view of the break, things were currently looking at the local’s locker room. Amorebieta was already in the shower, Llorente with a scare after falling badly in the first half and even requesting to be substituted at times. Luckily, given the developments of the match, we should be thankful of his lack of haste. Javi Martinez was the one that was unable to continue, with Herrera replacing him in the 45th and sending Iturraspe back to cover Diego, and the recently incorporated and De Marcos further ahead, with San Jose already placed in his position in the centre.

In the second half, beyond the aforementioned conditioners, the team came out ready to overcome their rival, with their sight set on a victory and to stay on top part of the table, which right now is closer. Besides, with the rain, they were soaked in football and the only thing seen was a team, Athletic Club, in San Mamés, which by the way held the inclement weather rather well. Steadily and without haste, not allowing their opponents either time to think or react, with sense and verticality, strength and as a result the occasions had to arrive.

For example, De Marcos gave it a shot in the 48th (though wide) after a worthy collective play, in the 51st Miranda made a dangerous foul on Muniain, brought in without consequences by Susaeta. This play also had its reasoning, since for a moment there the impression was that the chosen player to be booked with the yellow was going to be drawn. Atlético, besides holding little ball possession, they had it far from Iraizoz, who finished his first Liga match with no goals conceded.

Herrera retook the initiative in the 55th with a long shot, but off target, Salvio substituted Reyes, but Athletic was no longer troubled. A great centre by Aurtenetxe was headed wide by De Marcos. On top of this, stomach problems forced Muniain to request to be substituted in the 64th and Toquero replaced him. Given that Toquero had to play in the right, Susaeta was changed to the left and both had their share of participation in all the goals.

In the first Susaeta ended up with a rebound within the area, but not by chance, instead as a result of the pressure put on by a teammate. His back pass was controlled by Llorente and his shot on goal, after striking Filipe Luis, entered the goalmouth in spite of Courtois’ desperate attempts to avoid it.

Total calm and well-deserved prize, but all jokes aside, since in the 70th minute a centre dribbled through by Toquero was finished off by Llorente with a header and the goalkeeper was unable to do anything about it. The second in a rather wet night, this time with explicit dedication to Gurpegi and more of the same, pressure, verticality, constant support and lots of strength on a very wet turf. And since all good things come in threes, in the 74th the third arrived, valid to clear us from that little thorn we had stuck in as a pending subject on set pieces. Herrera took the free kick from the left and Toquero headed it into the net.

Madness in San Mamés and up in the rain gave no lead way as it got worse at times, though one of both teams seemed to not get wet and the other appeared to be bathing. Quite the metaphor, while those that were not in San Mamés listened to the same old story whenever those that carry the name of ‘important’ or ‘fortunate’ teams in reaching great goals lose, that is, discredit more than credit of an opponent that steps in their way. Cards everywhere, even red ones that were pardoned, and last attempts by Llorente, Salvio and Falcao, but as already occurred against Osasuna, the three goal advantage allowed for, as far as possible, Athletic, besides enjoying what they’d obtained, to lower their rhythm to a certain extent in view of the three matches remaining before the break: Sporting, Salzburg and FC Barcelona. May the run of good luck continue!