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Real Oviedo0 : 1Athletic Club

De Marcos11'
Carlos Tartiere
10:00 PM
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12/8/2011 - 10:00 PM

First positive step, though short, in Copa

Real Oviedo 0 – Athletic Club 1Athletic Club defeated Real Oviedo by 0-1. The rojiblanco…

Dec 8, 2011

Real Oviedo 0 – Athletic Club 1

Athletic Club defeated Real Oviedo by 0-1. The rojiblanco goal has been work of De Marcos in the minute 11 of play and has done justice to the rojiblanco’s superiority, although for merits and wasted occasions, the final advantage falls short and leaves the elimination round open to the second leg on 21 December in San Mamés, also at 22:00h.

In the middle of a grand atmosphere, with over a thousand rojiblanco fans and about 15,000 spectators at the New Carlos Tartiere, so given to their team as belligerent towards its leaders, from the initial whistle it was clear that either team would take the Copa match lightly.

The locals counted on their intimidating power from the start, supported by pressure up front and long balls from any latitude, before an Athletic faithful to their team work and vertical game, however penalized by the condition of the pitch as the minutes ticked.

With that preceding script, the first minutes have been difficult, with no clear oppression, but with the ball excessively near Iraizoz’ area, seasoned by fans that cheered all throw-ins and corners as if they were goal occasions. This only lasted the first five minutes, what Athletic took to take control of the ball.

Toquero gave his first warning in the minute six of play, but his shot was deflected to corner. The second time around the first goal of the match arrived, when De Marcos picked up a deep pass from Muniain and overtook the goalie with a shot straight into the goalmouth. It’s his third goal this season, two in Liga and this one in Copa.

Oviedo tried to take the initiative, but our team, well armed with three centres and Iraola, Susaeta and De Marcos, Muniain pairing off down the wings, did enough damage to their advanced defensive line. None-the-less, in the first half the ratified tendency was only scored in the second, as far as squandered attempts and insolvent passes. The most concrete has been a counter-attack with numerical advantage that concluded with a pass from Iraola to Herrera, all alone against the goalie, but a defence was there to intercept. De Marcos tried to repeat a goal attempt, but Lledó, one of the Asturian bastions, was quick, as Juanma did in the 32nd when he intercepted a pass that also left Toquero all alone before the goalkeeper. On the contrary, the only notable danger created by Oviedo was a free-kick taken by Nano in the minute 42, but it went high.

With no news at the break, at least when it came to substitutions, Oviedo once again repeat an ardent beginning, however this time more powerful by means of a volley by Jandrín in the 48th, which barely went wide, and a cross by Martins Diop intercepted by Iraizoz. Nevertheless, Athletic Club made its come-back, and not let go, to not lose control of the match and “simply” needed a goal.

Pacheta, with three substitutions in very little time, tried to correct things to change the course of the match. First Busto came in for Alvaro, to try to do more damage behind the forwards and although he tried it with a long-distance shot in the 57th, the opening in the back was larger.

Athletic initiated a merry-go-round of occasions, all of them after elaborated plays level to the ground. On the hour of play, Susaeta with his left was unable to overtake Lledó, who in the 64th deflected a left-footed shot by Herrera from outside the area.

Pascual replaced the cautioned Martins Diop before a poisoned cross from Toquero couldn’t find a striker and that Muniain was on the verge of scoring in the 69th. It seemed that the second goal was just a question of time, but it never came.
De Marcos did shoot on goal once again, but wide, in the 74th minute and Iraola connected as the ball reached him from Herrera which Lledó cleared to corner.

In the final stretch Herrera ceded his position to Iñigo Perez, who upon entering was booked with a yellow in the 85th, but the offensive production did not stop, with a clear attempt by De Marcos in the 88th, although his cross slammed into the post; another beautifully elaborated play, but with little compensation. Something similar happened to Muniain in the 90th when his incursion and later shot with his right ended up wide. And to finish off the evening, with press conferences already on Friday, Jandrín had his remote option that fortunately he shot off target.

Zero to nil for a final which is advantageous after all to face the second leg of an elimination round that will be decided in San Mamés on 21 December. Before that, however, we have other meets, one against Real Racing, this Sunday in San Mamés, then PSG and Zaragoza.