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Tenerife3 : 3Athletic Club

Dani Gómez106'(p.)
Yuri B.118'
Summary video
Heliodoro Rodríguez López
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
9:00 PM
Date and time
1/28/2020 - 9:00 PM

Athletic Club, already in the quarterfinals

The team went through penalty shootouts again and experienced a dramatic match, with an early expulsion and a goal scored in extremis by Yuri

Jan 29, 2020

Athletic is holding on to the Cup with championship pride. His fortitude and self-esteem were rewarded in Tenerife, in a match in which they got up three times after playing almost the whole match with ten players due to the red foul of Herrerín. A crazy 3-3. And a penalty shoot-out in which Ezkieta, in his debut, disguised himself as a hero and finished off Villalibre with a cold-blooded penalty.

It had enormous merit. The match could not have started worse for the lions. Herrerín was sent off in the second minute when he came out of his head area to try and stop Moore. Red for different interpretations. To make matters worse, in the foul, the shot hit Williams’ hand when he turned and, after checking it, González Fuertes took a penalty. Ezkieta came in for Nuñez on his debut as a lion and Joselu sent him into the net.

Athletic did not fall apart and proved to be better with ten players than Tenerife with eleven players. They made the tie in the minute 16 in a center of Yuri who headed Raul and Williams deflected into the net. It was the day of Iñaki, who had been honored by his teammates for his new shirt and then throughout the Tenerife stadium in the ninth minute. The standing ovation he received when he was changed in extra time will remain forever. He shook his hand to his chest in thanks. No to racism.

However, the lions did not concede the idea of having to score another goal. Again from Joselu, after a defensive indecision. It was time to row against the tide again, but the red-and-white have too much respect for the Cup. Williams tested Ortola in the minute 27, but he would not hunt for a piece until the second half, when in 53 he resolved a counterattack at full fuse.

Lekue, very good in the attack line, already warned the former goalkeeper of Alaves. Then he put a great ball to the far post that Raul Garcia did not reach by millimetres. The game was dominated by the red and white, but the forces were beginning to waver and Ezkieta appeared to save a back-heel from the dangerous Joselu.

The match went into extra time and Tenerife were left with ten players due to a foul by Carlos Ruiz. The sky seemed to be opening up, but Athletic were beginning to be exhausted and a minute before the end of the first half, Lekue took a penalty. Afterwards, Dani Gomez turned it into a goal.

There were 15 minutes left for the penalties. Villalibre headed out a cross from Vesga. Tenerife, who had been inferior during the whole match, played wisely. Athletic left the soul and fought until the end and hunted piece with a superb goal from Yuri from the edge of the area. As against Elche, they were playing the penalties. What a responsibility for Ezkieta in his first red and white. And he triumphed. Raúl García, Muniain, Vesga and Villalibre scored. The goalkeeper from Navarre stopped Joselu and Moore sent his to the crossbar. 2-4 and a happy journey back from the islands.