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Athletic Club1 : 0Real Oviedo

Ander Herrera73'
San Mamés
10:00 PM
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12/21/2011 - 10:00 PM

Weak match and pass to following Copa round

Athletic Club 1 – Real Oviedo 0 Athletic Club has defeated Real Oviedo SAD by…

Dec 21, 2011

Athletic Club 1 – Real Oviedo 0

Athletic Club has defeated Real Oviedo SAD by 1-0 in a match with little to speak about. Ander Herrera scored in the minute 74 (he’s scored goals, like De Marcos, in all three competitions) to put the definitive two to nil in the qualifying round, which allows our equipment to be present in the draw that will be held on Friday, 23 December, in Madrid; a draw that will be extended to the remaining rounds to be disputed until semi-finals.

Contrary to what happened in the first leg, Athletic Club had more difficulty gaining control of the game and created less goal options, with greater effectiveness, even though the rival didn’t waste offensive resources either and stood out, mainly, for their intensity and order to make ball movement for our players more difficult than expected, who only at the end prevailed with certain clearness.

Athletic Club has had little response capacity, mainly in the first half, before the rival’s direct and non-stop game. Defences and forwards left little room for the elaboration and bet on looking for Martins and Rubiato betting on set plays. In the first dispute Amorebieta took the worse part with five stitches on his left eyebrow and several more minutes with the fear of aerial scuffles.

Despite it all the beginning left us an option by Muniain from a pass by Susaeta but the shot on goal from up close went wide. On the other hand, from then until the break the panorama was not very encouraging and if the day and time invited other necessities, the game that was being witnessed and the unidirectional excitement of the visiting fans did the rest.

Athletic could not, but neither could Oviedo, although it was not discontent with air balls or in little or non-engaging areas before the artificial superiority, with hardly any depth, of the rojiblancos. In fact until the interval the most notable could be resumed in a long distance shot that Muniain forcedly finished off in the 16, a high shot by Herrera after a practiced play from a free-kick in the 37, and a header by Herrera from outside the area after the visiting goalie exited and made the short clearance. On the other side of the scale, in the minute 43, Juanpa shot from a distance into the hands of Iraizoz, whose greatest worry in the first half has been to try to get the ball flowing away from his area, just the opposite of Oviedo’s offence, who were very perseverant in pressuring and well endorsed in the stands.

Precisely that lack of depth from first passes has been what made San José appear on the field replacing Iñigo Perez, to play with three clear back-centres and thereby equip the midfield with more presence by Iturraspe, but also both wingers.

With all this the atmosphere was still cold, more so when Jandrín’s shot barely missed wide in the minute 46 and the visiting fans took advantage of the conjuncture to encourage the pavilion and allow themselves to beat on Iraizoz from behind the goal or they urged them step on any fallen Athletic player before the indifferent and expectant attitude of most spectators in the stands who were eager to certify a pass to the next round.

Also as occurred in the first leg, Jandrín’s attempt at the beginning of the second half has been Oviedo’s greatest offensive contribution and the rojiblancos, little by little, increased their benefits without squandering in excess, but demonstrating some of the advantages that, to date, brings about the difference of two categories. Thus, in minute 55, a header by Aurtenetxe found Dani Barrio well positioned.

Ibai came in for Susaeta in the 56th, and while Athletic purposely though not excessively watched the rival goal, Oviedo was OK when they tripled the number of infractions, a circumstance that was not even reflected in the yellow cards shown to both teams. Strategy was almost the only thing that maintained Oviedo’s options (Rubiato in the 65thm with a high header) but Athletic grew stronger.

Martinez headed in the 68th but Muniain couldn’t push it to goal, although the stands woke up from its lethargy in the 70th with a header by Toquero to the crossbar coming from a corner, a wide right by Herrera and, in just a question of time, the goal of tranquillity. Iraizoz had enough patience to let the seconds and rivals pass before sending the ball to Muniain. Once lined up, from his end of the field, towards the Asturian frame, a vertiginous and vertical slalom began, with a pass to Iraola who also had the necessary calm to raise his head and see how Herrera penetrated to open up the scoreboard with a line shot.

The most difficult was already done and except for a long distance shot by Busto warded off by Iraizoz after a previous defective serve by the goalie and a header by Herrera, easily blocked by Barrio, the night was not for exhibitions.

Duties completed before the holiday week, that is, we move ahead and with aspirations in all three competitions, reason why it is essential to recharge batteries, since, and let’s not forget that on 4 January the Copa once again comes knocking.