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Matchday 21

Athletic Club3 : 0Atlético de Madrid

San José50'
De Marcos84'
San Mamés
9:00 PM
Date and time
1/27/2013 - 9:00 PM

Outstanding match to defeat 2nd place team

Athletic Club 3 – Atlético de Madrid 0 Athletic Club is once again on the…

Jan 27, 2013

Athletic Club 3 – Atlético de Madrid 0

Athletic Club is once again on the winning track after defeating 2nd placed Atlético Madrid by 3-0, thanks to goals by San Jose, Susaeta and De Marcos in an outstanding match. Our team has held the ball and the initiative for most of the game. Nevertheless, the first half has been rather balanced and both goalkeepers were able to ward off any potential threats.

In the second half, however, San Jose has opened up the scoring after finishing off a corner taken by Susaeta with a header. The visitors moved their lines forward and for about ten minutes our team has had to stoutly defend and overcome the loss of Ekiza who was injured after being tackled by Rodriguez. Athletic soon recovered, defended some metres ahead and on the counterattack has had more and better options of scoring and, on this occasion, they’ve turned them into goals.

Susaeta, after drilling a left-footed shot coming from a through ball from the defence, and De Marcos, by finishing off a pass from Aduriz with his right, have been the stars that sealed the win.

The triple three has finally occurred: third La Liga match with three goals in favour that have, finally, been worth the three points (Betis, Espanyol, Atlético Madrid) and with clean sheets for the fifth time. It hasn’t been a bad start the second leg, after obtaining four more points than against the same rivals in the first leg. Neither is it unlikely that, after pondering over a great match, we can speak of rotations, losses and/or injuries; circumstances that, as it is quite well known, only occur in the homes of opponents. There will even be some that talk about a lack of motivation, perhaps without even having seen the match, given the performance of the visitors in San Mamés.