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Matchday 14

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El Sadar
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11/24/2019 - 2:00 PM

Kenan breaks El Sadar

An opportune goal from Kodro just after Osasuna levelled the game puts an end to their remarkable winning streak at home

Nov 24, 2019

Kenan Kodro was looking for an occasion to make his move in order to give good reason for his transfer to Athletic and he ironically found it in the stadium where his career as a footballer was given a boost. El Sadar was in jubilant mood after Ávila’s equalizer, warpaint on aiming to get the goal that would turn the tables. Kenan coldly shot with his left foot and silenced the home crowd when he scored, apologising himself. With great joy on the inside, he put an end to Osasuna’s impregnable fortress, after 31 games unbeaten there. Athletic are sitting now fourth in the standings. Terrific.

It was a hard-fought win that arrived at the most unexpected moment. The lions started the game with intensity, getting hold of the match. Sancet, who made his debut as a starter against his former team, headed the ball into Sergio Herrera’s hands early in the game. Two minutes later, on 7 minutes, Raúl García sent a cross from Williams into the back of the net. The assistant referee raised the flag and VAR denied the goal based on a more than doubtful image.

Athletic’s first goal was just around the corner, and it arrived with a wonderful play, initiated by Yuri and Córdoba, with a classy touch from Sancet, who left Williams alone before Herrera beating him with a crossed shot. The lions had done the most difficult part, but the matches at El Sadar seem to never end. Before the break, where Arrasate’s lads were doing better, Simón kept them afloat with a pair of consecutive saves. One of his saves was a great diving that stopped a header from Juan Villar, who had been disallowed a goal for offside eight minutes before.

Raúl García’s injury, who was substituted by Kenan, took its toll at the beginning of the second half. Rubén García and Roberto Torres gave them a warning. Chimi, who is capable of creating an opportunity out of any cross, had no mercy. But all of a sudden, after San José and Lekue had fought for a ball sent to the box, Kenan got a precious scoring chance that he did not miss. In injury time, Williams was about to score the 1-3 goal. He took his chance against Herrera but failed to see Córdoba coming and the goalkeeper saved it. It did not matter anyway. A 1-2 win is sweet too. Athletic‘s first victory on the road and a place among the European Position.