Matchday 01

Haro1 : 4Bilbao Athletic

Summary video
El Mazo
6:00 PM
Date and time
8/25/2019 - 6:00 PM

Bilbao Athletic’s triumph to start the league

Joseba Etxeberria’s pupils win 1-4 in Haro after an early local goal

Aug 25, 2019

The Bilbao Athletic has started the season in the Group II of the Second Division B in the Stadium El Mazo with the best possible way, winning at home and recovering from the goal by a free kick from the Argentine Ballardo two minutes into the match. The goal of Jon Morcillo passed the half hour of game has provoked the tie when arriving to the interval.

In a hot afternoon in which in both parts has had to take place a stop so that the footballers could be hydrated, the puppies have been superior during the second half and as a result of it the goals of the overcome have arrived. In the 50th minute, again Jon Morcillo in the second post, has finished off the low assistance of Oier Zarraga from the right flank; four minutes later has arrived the goal of calm, in the boots of an Andoni Tascón that on the edge of the small area has taken advantage of the rejection of the goalkeeper of Club Haro Deportivo, Fermín Sobrón. And towards the 70th minute, a magnificent free-kick thrown by Unai Vencedor crashed into the post and Daniel Vivian completed the victory with an empty goal.

Next weekend, Bilbao Athletic will host CD Calahorra in the second round of Group II of the Second Division B at Lezama’s facilities.


Club Haro Deportivo: Fermín Sobrón, Javier Ibáñez (Joseba García 77′), Óscar Loza, Javier Duro, Facundo Ballardo, Mikel Bueno, Armando Corbalán, Esteve Monterde, Txema Pan, Aimar Gulín (Kevin Calle 63′) and Mario Urrecho (Josua Pérez 58′).

Bilbao Athletic: Jokin Ezkieta; Jon Sillero, Javier Murua, Daniel Vivian, Jon Rojo; Unai Vencedor, Oihan Sancet, Antonio J. Salado (Víctor San Bartolomé 65′); Oier Zarraga (Jesús Areso 77′), Andoni Tascón (Rubén Azcona 84′) and Jon Morcillo.

Goals: 1-0: Facundo Ballardo (2′), 1-1: Jon Morcillo (32′), 1-2: Jon Morcillo (50′), 1-3: Andoni Tascón (55′), 1-4: Daniel Vivian (70′).

(Picture: Hugo Izquierdo)