Athletic Club - Atlético de Madrid
Matchday 3

Athletic Club - Atlético de Madrid

Athletic Club
Athletic Club
Atlético de Madrid
Atlético de Madrid
  • 84' J.Martínez
  • Maxi 18'
  • Petrov 36'
  • Agüero 64'
  • Galletti (p.) 89'

LocationSan Mamés , Bilbo

Athletic Club 1- Atlético Madrid 4: Colourless

Athletic Club lost 1-4 in a colourless match had it not been for the visiting…

Athletic Club

Athletic Club lost 1-4 in a colourless match had it not been for the visiting team. Maxi, Petrov, Agüero and Galletti from a penalty have been the goal scorers, whereas Javi Martinez debuted as Athletic’s only goal scorer.

Athletic Club’s difficulties to get into the game were apparent from the start and as added prove there were all the lost balls of those considered ‘divided’ or second plays that ended up in the rival’s path. Aranzubia had to ward off to corner the first dangerous shot in the 6th minute, although the goal didn’t arrived until the 17th minute, in a play with many rebounds to which unfortunately we are getting accustomed to. Maxi opened up the marker and after an occasion by Agüero in the minute 25, Petrov has scored the 0-2 from outside the area in the 36th minute and with this second goal all existing hope vanished. Those who favoured a bad result took advantage of the occasion to direct their demands to the Presidential box. It’s difficult to calculate just how many were awaiting the moment, but the number does not have any relation with how respectable their election was; although, and far from excuses and topics, it must be quite difficult for any team to play in those conditions, whether it’s here or in Pernambuco.

The same players that started the first half faced up to the second but with a slightly different disposition on the field. From a 4-3-3 they’ve gone to a clearer 4-4-2 (Yeste on the right, Gabilondo on the left, Tiko next to Murillo in the pivot and Aduriz centred higher up next to Urzaiz). Athletic put on the squeeze a lot better, even though the logical composure with which Atlético faced the match did help to a certain extent. Llorente substituted Urzaiz in the 56th minute, Yeste tried his luck in the 60th from a centre free kick; in the 61st Maniche reinforced, more so, the rival’s centre field when he substituted Mista and, on their first occasion that crossed the centre field with certain importance, Agüero has scored the 0-3 in the minute 63. If there were few possibilities to overcome, after that goal they completely dissipated. Even though the atmosphere became more and more unbreathable for the Presidential box, the team tried over and over to trim distances, although the error in the last pass and the lack of aim have been the two most noteworthy.

Both teams have manoeuvred, some with haste and others with the score board:
Garmendia substituted Amorebieta, Gabi for Luccin, Galletti for Maxi and the wheel was closed in the minute 78 when Javi Martinez went in for Tiko. Athletic gave the last shove: Yeste, who had executed the only option with a wide right shot on goal in the 11th minute, has finished off with an idle left in the 72nd and with a wide header in the 79th, while Aduriz made Leo Franco work in the 82nd. It appeared impossible to score a goal in spite of the ever so great risks that Athletic was running, but Javi Martinez has done so in the 85th after a great shot right in the goalmouth from the edge of the area.

From then on the rojiblanco attempts have not ceased and Yeste in the 89th and Prieto in the 90th have had their options, even though the rival’s space caused Agüero to be the object of a dubious penalty (where the infraction was committed) and Galletti scored the 1-4 in the 94th minute.

Atlético has won too easily, but between the lack of game and the unbreathable climate that exists around our Club, as this season gets under way we are offering our rivals too many opportunities and for an organization such as ours that is a luxury we can’t afford.

We’ll have to find the key, the players and coaches in the changing room and all of us outside of it, in order to achieve that which is best for Athletic Club.