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Moi Delgado88'
El Sardinero
8:00 PM
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8/4/2019 - 8:00 PM

Athletic can’t with a sweet Zidane

Two hand in hand against the racing goalkeeper could change the fate of the first rojiblanca defeat in the preseason

Aug 4, 2019

One more week ends for the demanding Athletic Club, with three friendly matches in four days, the last of which has fallen for the first time in this preseason. The clash against Racing Club (2-1) has been a good test for Garitano, who had several occasions to win, but clashed with a great Luca Zidane in the Santander goal.

They started biting with a goal from Yoda with a header in the opening stages of the match. With the two teams looking to adapt to the pitch, the Racing goal arrived on the scoreboard. The Garitano team, which had several dangerous arrivals with a good header by Íñigo Martínez, a high shot by Aduriz and another shot of De Marcos very tight to the post, did not decompose. Before the 30th minute, Aduriz had his second chance with a good braided play between Ibai and Balenziaga that forced Zidane to show off at the San Sebastian header.

And the red-and-white striker would still have a clearer at the edge of the break, after a great collective play that culminated with a powerful shot and a category stop by Luca Zidane.

The second part started with a great stop by Herrerín with a close shot from Cayarga in what was the clearest occasion of Racing for many minutes, which was followed by a clear dominance of the rojiblancos, who accumulated opportunities with two free kicks from Ibai that found no player.

Larrazabal had the clearest chance, after a long career, in a hand in hand with the racinguista goalkeeper. The changes arrived in Athletic and they were entering, in two batches, Nolaskoain and Sancet and ten minutes later Villalibre and Íñigo Vicente. Vicente had a great opportunity, but Luca Zidane remained sweet and took out a new hand before injuring himself and being substituted under a great ovation.

Nolaskoain tested the new goalkeeper as soon as Luca left to add a new occasion for Athletic, who tried again and again. And after half a dozen chances for the rojiblancos, the goal of the draw would come with a goal at Iñaki Olaortua’s own door. It seemed that the rojiblanco team could remain undefeated, but three minutes later came the final goal of Delgado which Beñat could not counter on the last and great occasion, already at the injury time.

Racing Club: Zidane; Buñuel, Olaortua, Figueras, Minero; Cayarga, Kitoko, Ortiz, Cejudo; Díaz and Yoda. Changes: Delgado and Siverio fotrYoda and Díaz (46’), Gil and Hidalgo for Figueras and Cayarga (66’), Ruiz for Cejudo (69’), De Vicente for Kitoko (76’), Zidane for Díaz (81’) and Puras for Minero (89’).

Athletic Club: Herrerín; De Marcos, Vivian, I. Martínez, Balenziaga; San José, Beñat; Larrazabal, Vesga, Ibai; Aduriz. Changes: Nolaskoain and Sancet for Vivian and Vesga (62’) and Villalibre and Íñigo Vicente for Aduriz and Ibai (76’), Oleaga for Herrerín (79’) and Kodro for Lazarrabal (86’).

1-0 M. 10. Yoda
1-1 M. 85. Olaortua (own door)
2-1 M. 88. Delgado

Referee: López Toca. Yellow card, Vesga (44’) and Aduriz (46’).
Stadium: El Sardinero (12.860 spectators)