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SC Paderborn 073 : 3Athletic Club

Energieversum Stadion
5:00 PM
Date and time
7/27/2019 - 5:00 PM

Three-way tie in a runaway match

A goal by Muniain in 89′ avoided defeating against SC Paderborn 07, in a match with a big final reaction.

Jul 27, 2019

Athletic Club have drawn with three goals against SC Paderborn after coming back in the last quarter of an hour a 3-1, with goals from Cordoba and Muniain after a bite of Sancet to the crossbar. It has been an unbridled encounter, with alternatives, in which logically it was accused the lack of filming and the heavy legs by the trainings.

The match could not start better for the lions, who 20 seconds later had been ahead on the scoreboard with a goal by Larrazabal, who sent to the net with a blow of instep a long ball of Vesga who planted hand to hand against Huth. The players had barely been placed on the pitch and Garitano’s had hit the table.

However, SC Paderborn 07 drew past the quarter of an hour in a corner that had forced the Germans with a save by Herrerin. A blow to the far post surprised the defence and Zolinski headed with score. After a period of alternate dominance, without great chances, Athletic began to move the ball easier. Suddenly, in a brilliant action, Vasiliadis sent a shot to Herrerin’s right corner. Balenziaga’s pass behind Larrazabal was followed by an equaliser, but in a defence he managed to send the ball into a corner.

After the half time, Simon and Aduriz entered. Raul Garcia’s high volley and a foray by Larrazabal that Vicente did not finish off seemed to herald a draw. However, the Germans took a counter-attack with the dynamic Antwi-Adjei in the 57th minute. After the final drinking stop, Garitano made nine changes. Cordoba cut the distance with a beautiful lob from more than 30 meters to the goalkeeper after a bad clearance. The lions complained about a possible penalty to Yuri. Simon showed off a dry shot from Hilssner and Muniain chased a piece in 89 and avoided defeat by sending to the nets with his left a ball cleared by the crossbar after finishing Sancet a pass by Aduriz.